Console Gaming Needs To Be More Like PC Gaming, Says This Console Gamer

Gamers-Association editor Ridge Dermody has recently discovered the joys of PC gaming, and despite being a devout console gamer thinks PC is doing some things consoles should consider.

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KingWilly1052016d ago

I approve of cheaper prices and more sales.

I disapprove of mandatory installs and DRM.

zeal0us2016d ago

Well get used to the mandatory installs and DRM because Microsoft is bringing the heat, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

KillrateOmega2016d ago

H*ll yeah, Brotha!

Mandatory installs left and right! DRM popping off in 4 dimenions!

DarkBlood2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

you forgot one of these @zealOus


kevnb2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Why is the term drm so misused? Consoles always have drm, it just hasn't been an online check yet. You can't backup a console game unless you tie it to your account, which requires online activation. Pick your poison I guess.

Somebody2015d ago


Agreed. Consoles gamers kept using the old atrocious DRM argument against PC gaming when their own consoles are practically physical DRMs (I remember reading that one of the processors in the PS3 is set as some sort of DRM). Intel and MS tried to apply that to the ill-fated Pentium 5 but failed since the PC is too open for one corporation to monopolize. Now that MS is making their own hardware, they can DRM the whole system to their own liking.

What's wrong with mandatory installs? All of your games are there inside that one device with no fumbling around with DVDs between games. It'll help the hardware access the game files faster than an optical drive.

NioRide2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Mandatory installs were pretty much required this past generation as well though.

On a few games it required second disk install on the 360, or really large mandatory downloads on the ps3.

Just saying its not a new concept for consoles.

slayorofgods2015d ago

DRM.. That's the annoying thing that has been fixed due to piracy and cracks. DRM ruined games this generation, and hackers made those games playable. Not that I condone hacking and piracy, but obviously its there.

It looks like xboxone is getting jail broken early this generation as outside sources have had to fix all of MS's crappy mistakes as of late.

papashango2015d ago

wut you LIKE switching disks every time you wanna play a different game?

and exactly what kind of DRM are you talking about?

It almost seems like console gamers believe steam is impacted by Sony root kits. I'm sure the old school pc folk remember this one.

It's a good thing Sony isn't in any position to infect hardware with malware like DRM.

Oh wait..

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Corpser2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

You want me to have to pop in a disc to play a game? No thanks! How am I supposed to keep the hundred of game discs on my steam account?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Yeah all platforms have bad things but pc is looking good. But I like sony games also.

Kingthrash3602016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

nah...things are just fine....but I see your point .....#downwithdrm

MidnytRain2015d ago

Wait, "down with" as in "kill it," or "down with" as in like your game or cool with it?

Kingthrash3602015d ago

lol....correction. .#deathtodrm

Rageanitus2015d ago

I used to hate Steam... but quite honestly Steam is awesome. It's the only DRM that currently WORKS!

Plus it almost guarantee's bw compatablity.

Sashamaz2015d ago

What is the difference between their drm and that offered by others?

Rageanitus2014d ago

1) Almost FULL backwards compatablity ( I can still play very old games
2) If i really wanted to share my games with a close friend or family member I am ok in providing my account and I wont have to worry about any other consequences
3)unlimited download times (in case I change computers or my computer crashes)
4) if I download a game and my computer is a bit slow, I am sure future computer setup's will alow me to run the game perfectly fine.

Sashamaz2014d ago

1) Can you not use origin on other PCs?
2) So in other words its not really lending a game it letting someone use your account, your entire account meaning you cannot play any of your games an long as that person is logged in(DRM)
3) Even apple allows you to download your games/apps as much as you want
4) Seriously this is nit picking at it finest, future computer setups, you mean upgrading spending money on new parts

The point I am making is that steam is overrated these special feature are available on nearly enough every other platform.

Tundra2015d ago

Can't go wrong with steam pricing. Just got Alan Wake full series for $4 and both Batman: GOTY editions are $5 each now.

Rageanitus2015d ago

I got Alan Wake last week I think via humblebundle for 1 dollar!!!

Doctor_Freeman2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

The whole Alan Wake series for a buck.:eek:oops that doesn't work here.

But DD sites are the future and Steam is pretty good, the crazy good deals are a major plus. July can't come soon enough, my wallet is hiding already.

cyguration2015d ago

Backwards compatibility, the ability to access games from anywhere, the ability to make backup copies of games and of course, as mentioned in the article, humble indie bundles.

Believe it that if MS isn't doing humble indie bundles now (heck, they don't even let indies self-publish on their consoles) they aren't going to do them if they can get a monopoly on the used game market.

As much as I love the games I have on Steam, I still prefer console when I want to play console-style games. It's so unfortunate that we're moving away from that convenience...except for the Wii U.

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