Android Kickstarter Weekly Wrap-up 6.5.13

While most of the gaming focused Kickstarter world is paying attention to Double Fine’s Massive Chalice and Pencil Test Studio’s claymation video game Armikrog, both for PC and Mac, new, exciting games aren’t limited to screens over 10 inches. Ideas are like drunken frat boys, they are indiscriminate in where they plant their seed. As such, there are a lot of interesting games coming down the pipe for Android that need just a few shots of Tequila in the form of your donations to get things rolling.

Kickstarter’s browsing and search function is great if you are an indiscriminate gamer, but for someone who is focused on the Android platform, finding out which games are deserving of your hard earned cash while also promising to support your medium of choice can be difficult. With that in mind, GameWoof presents Android Kickstarter Wrap up.

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