Puppeteer: Hero Heads, E3 Trailer & Pre-Order Extras Revealed

Sony will be showing off Puppeteer at E3 2013 at the PlayStation booth

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Abash1784d ago

Cant wait for this game! I love platformers

Wagz221784d ago

Yea this game looks very interesting, I've been following it for awhile.

abzdine1784d ago

sony want my death!
i need to buy another parallel life to play all these blockbusters

GribbleGrunger1784d ago

Games, Games, games, games, games, perhaps a little TV, games.

abzdine1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

hahaha hilarious!
bubble for you sir

i will just add this:

badz1491784d ago

this year will be a great year for the PS3!

Lucreto1784d ago

I watched all the videos those bosses look awesome.

This is looking more day one than ever.

MoonConquistador1784d ago

I'm not buying it for the missus until she gets her finger out and finishes LBP 2 first.

Does look good though

Clover9041784d ago

Go ahead and buy it. You know you need your platform war fix. Plus it'll be released with a discounted price... yes please :)

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