MTV- 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf' Review - So Much To Do, So Little Time

MTV:"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" is an exceptional entry into this twelve-year-old franchises, that can appeal to both longtime fans, as well as newcomers. While it may be a small tweak, allowing players control of how the town operates through ordinances actually does open the game up, and make it more accessible (the good kind of accessible). Players are no longer constrained by things like closed shops when playing in off hours, and with the expansion of Tortimer Island, there is always something to do, and someone to play with. While some players that demand instant gratification should stay far away from "New Leaf," anyone that can appreciate the slow burn of a well-paced, open-ended game, should pick up this game immediately, and while away the summer months shaking trees, and digging up fossils, picking weeds, or whatever floats your boat.

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mrbojingles1993d ago

I need this game! Sunday, here I come!