Wii U: The Watcher in the Wings

GameWithdrawal- Maybe the Wii U`s best possible marketing strategy is doing nothing at all. By staying true to gamers and neglecting pointless innovation maybe Nintendo can come out on top.

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insertnamehurr2015d ago

Come on, nintendo, what is there to improve on the wiiU? nothing. We want next gen games, not current looking gen games.

stragomccloud2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Exactly, the hardware packs some punch(consolose-wise), they need to show what it can do, if they want to convince people to get one!

mudmax2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

It's only 7 moths old. It takes time for developers to learn the system and learn to properly optimize the code. Developers are achieving graphics on wii u in six months what took seven years to achieve on ps360 which obviously makes Wii U much more powerful than especialy when there running on unoptimized xbox code.LOL. I know ps360 graphics exceeded previous gen at launch but that was a different ballgame cause they were going from SD to HD. Just like the graphical diffrence between recent wii releases and wii u launch games are pretty substantial. Because its SD to HD.

insertnamehurr2015d ago

optimize the code on an outdated gpu and weak cpu?? amd radeon serie 4000!

stragomccloud2015d ago

It's more of a lower end 6000 series. The GPUs were changed a lot through development. It can do all of the cool directx 11 effects(not dx 11 though because that is a Microsoft branded thing, and therefore most likely is designed to run things through Open CL), and can run a lot cpu tasks because it is a gpgpu. That said, all console parts are weak and outdated. That doesn't mean they can't produce some amazing looking games.

After all, "Uncharted 3" and "Last of Us" both look astonishing. Just try to make those games run on equivalent PC hardware!

Game on.

insertnamehurr2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I read it was serie 4000, ill look it up again, all i know now is that its gpu packs 600 teraflops. This is what i found.

Chipworks' shot is still being analysed, but the core fundamentals are now seemingly beyond doubt. The Wii U GPU core features 320 stream processors married up with 16 texture mapping units and featuring 8 ROPs. After the Wii U's initial reveal at E3 2011, our take on the hardware was more reserved than most. "We reckon it probably has more in common with the Radeon HD 4650/4670 as opposed to anything more exotic," we said at the time. "The 320 stream processors on those chips would have more than enough power to support 360 and PS3 level visuals, especially in a closed-box system."

It was ballpark speculation at the time based on what we had eyeballed at the event, but the final GPU is indeed a close match to the 4650/4670, albeit with a deficit in the number of texture-mapping units and a lower clock speed - 550MHz. AMD's RV770 hardware is well documented so with these numbers we can now, categorically, finally rule out any next-gen pretensions for the Wii U - the GCN hardware in Durango and Orbis is in a completely different league. However, the 16 TMUs at 550MHz and texture cache improvements found in RV770 do elevate the capabilities of this hardware beyond the Xenos GPU in the Xbox 360 - 1.5 times the raw shader power sounds about right. [Update: It's generally accepted that the PS3 graphics core is less capable than Xenos, so Wii U's GPU would be even more capable.] 1080p resolution is around 2.5x that of 720p, so bearing in mind the inclusion of just eight ROPs, it's highly unlikely that we'll be seeing any complex 3D titles running at 1080p.

It was posted a few months ago.

mudmax2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

We'll just have to wait and see what it really is capable of. And I have a feeling we're gonna be seeing that real soon.