Deus Ex Fans Massively Angered By Square Enix's iOS Announcement

DSOGaming writes: "What’s also funny is that a lot of Deus Ex fans got angered and frustrated by this announcement. As we can see, Deus Ex: The Fall’s trailer has been massively downvoted. As of right now, the downvotes are 1000% more than the upvotes. Justs, wow."

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Nitrowolf22015d ago

I never asked for this

but then again, it is Square Enix. They have never really delivered on what fans have wanted for a very long time now. All their teaser are typically mobile phone games or something dumb.

Hellsvacancy2015d ago

Why? your defending the ones responsible for this, Eidos make that games, Square pays for those games to be made

What Nitrowolf2 said is very true

-Mika-2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

And why do you think they're going down that path? I tell you why. Fans aren't buying handheld games and with the cost of HD game development. It can be very risky to create it for consoles. So they went for IOS which is cheap to makes games for and it has a huge user base.

Now im not happy about this and this is why I never paid for any of square IOS games. I always pirated them which I hated to do. I just don't want them to keep making games for that platform when there a viable handheld you can release these type of games for. If you're a gamer. You need to seriously start supporting handhelds and stop buying these type of games.

tehpees32015d ago

I find the end of your paragraph highly ironic when you say you pirate their games.

Blacktric2015d ago

"It can be very risky to create it for consoles."

Yet they still decided to bring Human Revolution to both consoles and PC and it sold tremendously well.

Nerdmaster2015d ago

So you don't want them making games for iOS, but you play the games they release on iOS...

ShabbaRanks2015d ago

wow if only this was on Vita :(

DOMination-2015d ago

What a shame.

Its a bomb!

3-4-52015d ago

Why do these dev's try to make games for a platform none of their fans own ?!!!

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Mr_Nuts2015d ago

I just can't believe they wasted their time on this crap instead of a sequel.

DeadlyFire2015d ago

Who is to say they don't have a sequel as well in the works.

Mr_Nuts2015d ago

True but I'd rather have the entire team working on the sequel for consoles. Not some of them wasting their time on a crappy looking mobile game.

-Gespenst-2015d ago

Why are people blaming Square Enix for this? Get it into your heads that SE PUBLISH EIDOS' games. They don't develop them.

This is an EIDOS project, not a Square-Enix one.

nick3092015d ago

The publisher usually tells the developer what to develop, and sqaure owns them. Lately they made ios games to save on publishing costs & to sell the games for 20+

-Gespenst-2015d ago

I don't think so, developers and companies are involved in a dialogue with their publishers. I'm pretty sure this is Eidos' project. Square-Enix probably assented to publish it for them- partly because, yes, they are trying to turn a profit by getting ios heavy. Eidos plans seem to have coincided with SE's here.

Developers / companies pitch projects to their publisher in relationships like this. I'd say SE's development teams have different relationships with their selfsame publishers.

addictedtochaos2015d ago

It is a Square-Enix project. Eidos is owned by Square.

Agent_00_Revan2015d ago

Take a look at Rare. Do you think they Want to make nothing but Kinect shovelware? I highly doubt it. Microsoft tells them what to make.

Square owns Eidos like Microsoft owns Rare.

Locksus2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Yeah, not really. It's not like Eidos can just start developing a dating simulator and make SE publish it.
Square tells them what to do and on what platform because Eidos is owned by Square.

wishingW3L2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

because it's Square's fault. Their latest business trend is to make more social games. Google it.

DigitalAnalog2015d ago

The recent news that Square-Enix stating that their new focus is on the "mobile" market counters your disposition. Clearly Deus Ex is merely a dip in the water, expect the likes of Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider to follow suit.

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listenkids2015d ago

The only reason mobile games sell so well are because they're cheap, addictive and fun. Cheap being the key word here, ranging from 49p - £1.99, this is nothing and people will gladly spend it for hours of fun.

This however, will be costly ( £6.99+ ) and won't attract many people.

I feel the same will happen with Halo Spartan Assault.

NameRemoved00172015d ago

You get what you pay for, a $5 phone game is about the quality of an original xbox game (on average)

turgore2015d ago

Faaar from it. For 5 bucks you will rarely find a game as massive as GTA San Andreas.

NameRemoved00172015d ago

San Andreas is only still sold new as downloadable and it cost $15 not $5.

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