BioShock: Infinite Review: The gameplay might not blow your mind… but the story will. -MediaStinger

MediaStinger: "Ken Levine and the developers at Irrational Games, the team behind the original BioShock, are back in the driver’s seat and have taken the series to new heights… literally. The first look at gameplay blew everyone away a couple years ago, but when the game was mysteriously absent from E3 the following year in 2012 after winning so many awards in 2011, we began to worry a little… Why would the previous year’s Game of the Show not even show up? Had Irrational already shown off the best the game had to offer? Were there problems in the development that caused the game to be delayed? Or did the studio simply just not want to give any more of the story away?"

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ifritAlkhemyst2016d ago

And the story is enough to warrant a 9/10.

Yawn, so predictable with reviewers these days. I imagine if given a book and told to review it, they might focus on the grain of the paper rather than the words on it.

Heavenly King2015d ago

a bit late for the party; I think.

You should review TLoU ;)

Shadow Man2015d ago

yeah... im currently playing infinite bought for $40 new!

the worst2015d ago

its more 7/10 that's it

linkenski2015d ago

The story didn't blow me away.

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