Nintendo V.S. the Media

Game Withdrawal- We`ve seen Nintendo pull out of their annual presser in favour of a podcast. What effect will this have on gaming journalism.

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KingWilly1051989d ago

I think it's tough for game websites to cover Nintendo, since they are secretive and don't offer them a lot of content and leaks; and to make things worse for them, they make their shows that people can go to instead of game websites.

The gaming website has nothing else to do but complain, since Nintendo took the rest.

gamingden1989d ago

Well what's best for gaming websites isn't important. What's important is whether or not Nintendo cutting out the 'middle man' is best for consumers. Free press is around for a reason!

Shinobi1001989d ago

This is a pointless conversation b/c Nintendo is going to E3. Their gonna have the usual booth set up and meetings taking place. They just wanted to do the big presentation on their terms. They picked the exact time, day, and format they wanted to present. And the world will be watchin

DivineAssault 1989d ago

Its not going to stop the negative feedback.. Only quality & unique new software will.. Its not about their power, its about their content.. Its all the same stuff recycled & they need NEW games!

yugovega1989d ago

so you are saying nintendo do not release new games or ips?

on the wii they had:
endless ocean
wii fit
wii sports
wii music (though not good)
wario ware
the last story
along with plenty of wiiware titles that were completely new.

nintendoland and lego undercover already this gen new titles. i don't think some people pay attention to the games that they actually release.

solidworm1989d ago

Between Nintendo and Microdud for most arrogant company in the world.

mii-gamer1989d ago

sony for the most ignorant fanbase

yugovega1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

when you make the highest rated games on a normal basis and have they highest selling handhelds and the best selling system of the past gen then it's not really arrogant. they really are that good.

MasterCornholio1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

-Looks at picture-

What does Nintendo have to do with Joesph Stalin?

Oh wait dont tell me that is suppose to represent Mario as a communist.

Shinobi1001989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Nintendo doesn't care about the all. The media doesn't cover Nintendo. Game Informer has had approx. 2 Nintendo cover stories over the last 4 years. So Nintendo sees no point in going to a media briefing.

Nintendo DOES care very deeply about us individual consumers. That's why they want to speak directly to us with a Nintendo Direct and brand new, E3-revealed game demos set up at our local Best Buy. In the world of gaming, I consider them heroes for taking this approach.

The media's job is to cover gaming. It's what they get paid for. It's not the job of major game companies to cater to the media. For the sake of their fanboys, I hope Sony & Microsoft soon move towards doing Nintendo Direct-type presentations, instead of these huge, formal ones. These smaller, informal presentations are more focused since they're usually pre-taped and not forced into a specific time frame or structure since the company is filming them in-house. It genuinely makes you feel like part of the company's family