2K Not Working on Fix for MLB 2K8 Framerate Issues on PS3

2K sent over word to Loot Ninja that they're working on some patches for MLB 2K8 for a few issues. Mainly, the framerate issues are being fixed on the Xbox 360. But that's not the only console with stuttering issues. The PS3 version is about the same in terms of the slowdown in the field.

When asked about a patch to address these issues on the PS3, a representative for 2K had this to say:

"At this time, these are the only updates 2K Sports is working on for MLB 2K8 for these issues."

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sonarus3494d ago

lol wat a way to piss off ps3 owners of mlb 2k8. I think this is a bit foolish considering they have competition on the ps3 side.

drunkpandas3494d ago

Good point. They're basically conceding to MLB 08 The Show by not fixing the huge framerate problems on the PS3

Fux4Bux3494d ago

The Show is better in every way anyways.

marinelife93494d ago

No one who owns a PS3 bought 2k8 anyway and they know it. Why would they bother fixing it when they already know it's broken and still sitting on the shelves.

smokeymicpot3494d ago

It's because only a couple of people bought it for the ps3 everyone else had gotten the show.

zypher3494d ago

someone say MLB 2K8? sorry. i was busy playing The Show.

pwnmaster30003494d ago

its ko we got mlb 08 the show exclusivly for the ps3 and is better

ravinshield3494d ago

god thats one thing i hate about ps3 fangirls, everytime a game is faulty, canceled, or its just a bad port.they say oh who needs this game when we got kz 2,lbp and all that crap.just accept it ps3 is wack.

tweaker3494d ago

The Show is actually better though. Its not about fanboyism and loyalty. The Show murders MLB in every way. No brainer.

Angelitos3494d ago

Shows how loyal they are to PS3 fans.........

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The story is too old to be commented.