SuperPhillip Central's Top 100 Games of All Time (100-91)

"If you're not in the loop, let us enlighten you. Five years ago on this very day, one person started a little blog. Little did he know that this small blog would evolve into something many readers would stick with worldwide. Little did he know that he'd need more staff to help him deliver content on every weekday. Little did he know that his blog would reach over 400 reviews. And little did he know that his blog would reach one million views on the very same day as the site's five year anniversary.

Yes, today is SuperPhillip Central's five year anniversary, and the site that was just about SuperPhillip has shifted focus since its inception to become an all-encompassing game site full of news, reviews, editorials, interviews, top ten lists, and more.

We're celebrating in a big way. SuperPhillip Central's staff have come together to come up with our top 100 games of all time. These don't necessarily have to be the best, but they are indeed our favorites. Coming up with an order for these games has been an immense challenge. We're sure you won't agree with our order-- heck, we don't even agree with our order. That said, for the next ten weeks, we will be counting down our favorite games of all time. Please join us for this great undertaking. Let's get to the countdown!"

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Ranma11989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Tales of Symphonia was epic. I hope they make a HD version, and HD version of all the japan only tales game like Destiny 2.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1989d ago

IDK how 2 golf games got ahead of ToS but ok....

Phil321989d ago

Because we enjoyed them more than ToS. It's called having an opinion that differs from your own. If more gamers could understand and respect that concept, maybe gamers wouldn't be the butt of so many jokes.

miyamoto1989d ago

Crap article title.

how about the future time is it not included?

Or the next great game?

Like TLOU which is coming or the PS4 games to come.

Change your title.

Phil321989d ago

You want us to put games that aren't even out in a list of what currently are our favorite games?

The only crap thing here is that suggestion.