Pandora Launches TV Platform On Playstation 3 And Xbox 360

Los Angeles Times: ''All eyes have been on Apple in anticipation of its 'iRadio' music streaming service this week.

But while Pandora's potential rival secures licensing deals with record companies, Pandora itself is increasing its own offerings.

The Oakland company Wednesday launched a new service to improve the way people stream music on television sets. The platform is initially available through Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles' Web browsers.''

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Pixel_Enemy1994d ago

PS3 already worked through the web browser. I have been using it for years that way.

E2S1994d ago

is this an app like netflix ? and can it be used WHILE playing games?

sofocado1994d ago

This app is like LastFM on the Xbox360

abzdine1994d ago

one more TV app on xbox :D
i hope it can read games too

ProudGamer1994d ago

I'll check out the free to access version. You know, the PS3 version.

Sarobi1994d ago

This would be nice on Vita.

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