Someday Our Xbox 360s Will Be Retro. And This is How We'll Feel.

Kotaku - One of my new favorite YouTubers, LaserFrog, knows that the Xbox 360 will someday be a retro console. He imagines this beautiful but somewhat sad future.

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NameRemoved00171813d ago

I'm waiting for the headline:

"Xbox 360 outsells Xbox One in Quarter 4 2013."

darthv721813d ago

but not uncommon. The DS outsold the 3ds until nintendo changed things around. The PS2 outsold the PS3 for a while until things changed.

Eventually, the newer will start to sell more than the established.

PurpHerbison1813d ago

We already know that feel.

SonyPS41813d ago

Xbox360 is such an awesome system and will always be remembered!

Subzero2001813d ago

Someday Our Xbox 360s Will Be Retro."

lol ok keep dreaming the nes is retro, the snes is retro, even the genesis is retro, and that's mostly because of the classic games they had that don't exist today aside from your yearly shitty cod sequel.

theWB271813d ago

We still get classic games...nolstalgia can be a bad thing sometimes

SexyGamerDude1813d ago

You do know COD is multi plat, right?

IBleedXbox1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

i care XBOX 360 > Xbox one. this is sad i love my 360

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