One Year Later, Did Microsoft Keep Their E3 2012 Promises?

Kotaku - While Microsoft talked about a lot of games at their E3 briefing, their focus was actually divided between games and entertainment—TV, music, sports, and so on. What they also had, however, was dates. Tons and tons of dates. Of the release variety.

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golding891992d ago

Seems to me they did a pretty good job at promises to say the least..

medman1992d ago

Who cares? I'll be busy playing The Last of Us and Beyond:Two Souls while my 360 is collecting dust. Thank you Sony. You have delivered over the last few years after a slow start. Microsoft has done the opposite, starting like gangbusters this gen but badly trailing off with exclusives the last few years. PS4 will be my first purchase for next gen, and possibly an Xbox One at a later date, depending on what exclusives they have to offer. With Microsoft's recent history and focus on everything but games lately, I'm not holding out much hope for a resurgence, but maybe E3 will prove most folks that are doom and gloom on Microsoft wrong.