Where's Best to Buy The Last of Us?

PreOrder-IQ writes:

Now that the review embargo has passed and the whole internet can officially tell everyone else that Naughty Dog's The Last of Us really is the definitive action adventure experience of this generation, with perfect scores being thrown at it like so much carnival confetti, it's only natural for us here at to put together a definitive guide to answer the most relevant question today; which retailer is offering the best deal when it comes to The Last of Us?

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Thatguy-3101990d ago

Psn =) it's cool how they'll utilize the play while download feature for it. I'm off Friday/Saturday and will most likely play it Thursday night.

yugovega1989d ago

the used game bin in 2 days after it's released. or better yet wait 2 weeks and it'l be $20 off just like the last "goty" bioshock infinite. i can wait 2 weeks to save a 3rd the price.

One4U1989d ago

i hate how australian stores have this game at $80-$90 ! we dont have a standard here and AAA games can go from $69 all the way to $99 ! if games were $60 in Au then damn i would easily throw my money on games ! heck next gen i might as well just make an american account and go digital !

Lubu1989d ago

I got Certificates from BestBuy for preordering certain games. So I will be getting the survival edition with no out of pocket cost. Plus, I get another $20 certificate for buying TLoU. For me, it the best deal. I'm sure I'm not alone either.

WeAreLegion1989d ago

Oh, I'm sure it is the best deal, but look at the title of the article. That's the joke I was going for. ;)

Y_51501989d ago

I'm buying from GameStop.