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The Last of Us in a game in the third person of the creators of the Uncharted series. Civilization has fallen under the control of a deadly fungus called Cordyceps, forcing the survivors to live in human quarantine zones.

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S2Killinit1993d ago

So excited for this game (:

The_Con-Sept1992d ago

I wonder what naughty dog is going do next... If they keep this up we won't have any more money to pay with!!!!

Ezz20131993d ago

this game is really something else
95% metascore Wow just WOW

can any thing stop ND ??

they are one of the reasons why i'm buying ps4 day 1

showtimefolks1992d ago

I think this game will have 95 above rating overall

What you think is it a safe bet to assume LOU will come out on ps4 by early 2014 with all its dlc in a complete edition maybe?

I know i would buy it twice lol

PeteDoherty1992d ago

Everything single review of The Last of Us has been perfect or pretty much perfect. Naughty Dog are geniuses. I'm proud to be a Sony fan boy, not because I'm immature and just am, but because they continue and continue to release complete masterpieces like this. Halo 5? Forza? Is that all Microsoft has really got?

Williamson1992d ago

Glad to see hard work pay off for ND, they took another risk with a new IP which is turning out to be another fantastic game. Just makes you think what's next for this studio with the ps4.

S2Killinit1992d ago

awesome game. Like Williamson said, i think their philosophy is praise worthy.