Was “Xbox One” The Ideal Name For The Next Gen Console?

Jill Dembowski writes - Microsoft decided to go with a name that had some meaning behind it. Sony gave us no surprises and stuck to the basics when it came to naming their next generation console. The PS4 requires no tagline or explanation behind its meaning. It’s the 4th PlayStation. End of story. Sometimes plain and simple is the way to go when it comes to naming a product.

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DJMarty1959d ago

NO, as 4>1...............LOL

KillrateOmega1959d ago

MS really set themselves up for that one :)

Rushing_Punch1959d ago

You have to think that when they sat down to name the system, someone had to have asked about that. well, I hope someone did at least.

Minato-Namikaze1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Its weird because they didnt name the Xbox 360 "Xbox 2" because the didnt want people to think that it was inferior to the PS3. (casuals think in strange ways some times) but they come out and name this one the Xbox One. This is what happens when all the gaming people that ran your gaminig division leave.

P.S. I was halfway hoping for the PS4 to be names "PS Muerte"

darthv721959d ago

is as much a concern as the meaning of it. There have been some platform names with little to no meaning and there have been others with a more interesting twist.

Genesis (my #1 favorite platform) has probably the best name and meaning behind it. It really was a new beginning for gaming back in the day. It was a whole new generation of 16bit and was such a night/day difference to what we played previously.

Sega's other offerings werent as creative. Saturn is a great system but its name wasnt that bold like sony took with the (then newcomer) Playstation. we all knew the meaning for PS was exactly as it sounded. Dreamcast was different but what did it really mean???

We know the meaning behind Xbox was that of their own Direct X that was created for PC games. the name started a brand that transcended to the xbox 360 meaning 360 degrees of entertainment. It just wasnt going to be as catchy if they went with 720 but I do think the Infinity was a better choice than "One".

So regardless of the meaning of One as being one platform for everything, they are gonna get the shiz for coming up with that instead of something straight and to the point of Xbox 3.

But to the point of the numerical designation like sony has been using. Perhaps they went a different route to individualize the platform. Rather than keep the trend of numbering the next system and thus keeping it in line with the stigma of the brand, MS wanted to intentionally cause there to be some question about the name.

i guess it doesnt matter for some as they wont buy into it no matter what its called. If you have to explain the meaning of the name then it isnt the platform for you (generally speaking).

Sony had the opportunity to break their own tradition by calling the PS4 something different. they could keep the PS in the name so it remains tied to the brand but so many are already familiar with the numbering that it would have thrown them off if they did change it to something else. Orbis really wasnt that bad of a concept name.

Angeljuice1959d ago

The genesis was only called that in America, most of the world referred to it as the 'megadrive'.

darthv721959d ago

yeah I know but Genesis had a better sound to it as well as meaning than Mega Drive.

those days it was common for the same product to be named differently throughout the world. I think it was the Saturn that was the first to be globally known by the same name.

It could have been Playstation, but both were revealed within the same year. From then on it became the thing to have the systems named the same around the world.

Another unique name for a system was the PC Engine. It was (to me anyway) a better name than the US version (Turbografx). It was a cool platform for its time as well.

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Wikkid6661959d ago

Or if we want to play childish games... Then being #1 > than being #4

MidnytRain1959d ago

It makes just as much sense if you think about it...

Blaze9291959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Xbox 8 would have been a much better choice imo. Streamlines with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 - then Xbox 8.

In fact, they should have just stuck with that and continued out from there with each new revision of Windows and Xbox.

BlackTar1871959d ago

xbox 8 is 10x more confusing.

Blaze9291959d ago

how? They go from 1 to 360 and that's somehow okay?

BlackTar1871959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

well everyone knows 360 means full circle meaning all included item.

8 just sounds tacky and since the # is low enough it seems mis leading.


JK i liked infinity a bunch tbh. i don't really care the name of the consoles i just want great games.

Sharius1959d ago


isn't xbone charming?

DoctorXpro1959d ago

not as charming as you mum

Anon19741959d ago

Sometimes you can't beat the classics.

HammadTheBeast1959d ago


Otherwise, this has really backfired.

Don't talk to youR mum like that.

agentxk1959d ago

I can't say I love the name, then again I think i hated 360 as well when it was first announced. It'll grow on me.

Minato-Namikaze1959d ago

Like an unchecked fungus, lol

MoonConquistador1959d ago

LOL, best analogy I've seen in weeks

HammadTheBeast1959d ago

Last of Us really getting to people lol.

Ilovetheps41959d ago

My issue is I don't know what to now call the xbox one(?)

golding891959d ago

Not sure what's wrong with xbox one.. If they are going for the xbox as multimedia/gaming.. xbox one sounds understandable to me.. not that i like it. but it works for those who have common sense on the meaning of it.

The dumb ones won't or probably will not think so.


JeffGUNZ1959d ago

Exactly. The whole presence of the system is to unify everything in one box. I love the name.

agentxk1959d ago

Yeah, like I said above, I think the next gen will end with us saying it is at least better than Wii-U. lol

MoonConquistador1959d ago

I'm not convinced I would be saying that

thehitman1959d ago

Even so there are better terms to use than "one". One seems like a horrible cop out in naming something especially when its not even you know THE one/first/original. Its a very bad name even for the direction they are taking their console. Shows a great lack of creativity on their part.

pr0t0typeknuckles1959d ago

it makes since no one doubts that the name makes sense,but its a stupid name in general,you name your third console one,thats like ps4 being named psone,its stupid,microsft could have chosen a much better name,720,infinity,revolution,a ll would have been better than XBOXONE.

golding891959d ago

Yea now they could've have chosen a better name right?

Let's face it.. if the next xbox was called xbox 720, infinity, ps fanboys would hate it still.

You guys just don't like the name "xbox". it has nothing to do with xbox one name.

Just hush up and #dealwithit.

Parapraxis1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I don't think you understand where #dealwithit originated, if you did, you wouldn't be using it.

Also Xbox Infinity would have been a MUCH better name.

You have your head...stuck really far up...somewhere, if you think only PSfans think xbox one is a stupid name...i mean.... really stuck.

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headblackman1959d ago

no! Xbox fusion was the best because it was cool and it means the something that all in one means. its not too late to change it to Xbox fusion.

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