DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 Coming to PlayStation 4

IGN: When Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 wasn't going to be backwards compatible or allow you to download current PlayStation Network titles, DC Universe Online players freaked out. Had the hours spent creating heroes and villains in the MMO been a waste? Today, Sony Online Entertainment has an answer: no. DC Universe Online is coming to the PlayStation 4 -- and so is Planetside 2, the first-person shooter MMO currently available for PC.

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Wizziokid1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Planetside 2 will be amazing on the PS4,I just hope I can carry over my PC character!

For those who haven't got a good enough PC to play it this is a game you need to try.

The PS4 really is embracing the MMO

Nitrowolf21993d ago

Holy shit I'm excited. And people said it wouldn't be possible

Abash1993d ago

Im excited to try out PlanetSide 2

PLASTICA-MAN1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Please an upgraded engine for both OR NOT. I keep saying that in all my comments. We already have DC Universe on PC and PS3 with Unreal Engine 3 (aka last-gen engine). If it is teh same game with 1080p resolution on PS4, I will give up. I already gave up playing the 2 games even after being a veteran, I want something fresh and new on PS4. If they upgrade those games for the PS4, I will cease playing on PC.

thechosenone1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Amazing line-up of games Sony putting together for the PS4! :O

ThanatosDMC1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Planetside 2 is my new MAG. Just need the old clan back together on the PS4.

DCU needs an upgrade. Not PS2. It needs better Proxy Chat and Outfit/Platoon Chat. Letting everybody use Platoon chat is really annoying. Access should only be for squad leaders and platoon leaders.

I hope i can use my account. Those points took forever to acquire. I didnt use any $$$$$.

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Blackdeath_6631993d ago

YES! saves me alot of trouble been waiting to play planetside for a while now i might be waiting a while longer

THE TRUTH1993d ago

Looks like I'm coming back to DCUO, thanks Sony you now have all my money attention.

hakis861992d ago

Agreed, It's gonna be nice to play it in 1080p lag free (unlike the PS3 version).
I wouldn't mind the upgrading to the UE4, but I highly doubt that they have - then they should at least do it for PC and PS4.

bicfitness1993d ago

For DCUO. I'm hoping that the PC/ PS3/ PS4 servers all merge, because I have a pretty high level, 118 SP PC character that I don't feel like building up again. Would be a nice boost for the population too, to merge servers.

Never tried Planetside 2, specifically because I sort of knew it was coming to the PS4. If Sony is smart, they'll start bundling some of these F2P games preinstalled on the consoles so that people can start playing stuff right out of the box.

Rip-Ridah1993d ago

That is actually a very good idea of having the f2p games preinstalled on the PS4. To answer your DCUO question:

Hicken1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I doubt the PS3 servers will be merged. As much as I love the game, I admit it struggles with all the content in the game now; us PS3 players suffer from a good bit of lag and pop-in on a semi-regular basis(which wasn't nearly as bad at launch, but all the extra content has slowed things down considerably). PS4/PC might be very likely, but both would have an advantage over PS3 players.

As for myself, I'm really hoping everything can carry over from PS3 to PS4, because I've put way too much work into my characters and my league to look forward to starting over.

Edit: After reading Rip-Ridah's comment, I sit corrected.

Veneno1993d ago

And I have been thinking about buying DC universe for a while now! But I seriously doubt you can start on PS3 and carry over to PS4. Why would these two games be the exception to the no BC rule?

Tres211993d ago

prob true but u kno its free 2 play so u should def giv it a try i think the f2p is capped but i think its up 2 lvl 30 at least cuz i think my char is up 2 25

telekineticmantis1993d ago

I hope they put it on Gaikai, so we can play an optimal game with great presentation(graphics).

titletownrelo1993d ago

they NEED to get World of Tanks!!!

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majiebeast1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I called it!

Thats already 6 F2P MMO's coming to PS4 with 4 being launch titles. I can see Tribes:Ascend and Smite joining aswell.

Sony is on a roll and this wasnt good enough for E3 so prepare yourselves for the megatons.

Skips1993d ago

"Thats already 6 F2p coming to PS4 with 4 being launch titles."

Even if you're too broke to buy more than 1 game at launch...

BOOM! 4 more waiting for you! LOL PS4 news just keeps getting better and better!

millgate11993d ago

Can only name 5. Blacklight, War Thunder, DCUO, Planetside 2 and Warframe. What was the other one?

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

Dust 514. But it's pretty much rumors, they've said it won't be on PS4 until the PS3 community starts completely dying out.


Actually there's Everquest Next too (rumored).

Arai1993d ago

Hahaha there's a storm's called PS4.
Oh man, they seriously are hitting all the right notes.

P_Bomb1993d ago

DCUO was one of my fave games of 2011!! I had to platinum it, just for posterity.

despair1993d ago

Wow Planetside 2 on PS4 is big big news.