Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Servers, Transfers and More Detailed

Today Square Enix Disclosed a large batch of information about the upcoming transfer of characters from Final Fantasy XIV to the new A Realm Reborn servers that will happen with Phase 3 of the beta, and about the servers themselves.

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Myst1899d ago

So close to launch yet so far away!

Abriael1899d ago

Two months to go, but we'll still have beta to keep us occupied :D

Alexious1899d ago

Less than two months before EQN announcement! That is exciting indeed!

Abriael1899d ago

@Alexious: I didn't know you played announcements. Let us know how it works for you :D

pivotplease1899d ago

FFXIV is probably my most anticipated game right now since XI stole years of my life, but I am somewhat interested to see what they're doing with EQN.

ICarly19851899d ago

Pre-ordered The Game! Just Hope I Can Run It, And Can't Wait For Early Access To Arrive!

Coltrane_C1899d ago

I would check the specs before I preordered a game. You can't return an mmo

Firan1899d ago

Should've tried the benchmark at least.

Ngai1899d ago

Great game. Trust me.

Tr10wn1899d ago

FFIV great game? lol...

Abriael1899d ago

FFIV is most definitely a great game.

The NEW FFXIV also is.

Lovable1899d ago

I have early access code for this for pre ordering the game...I can't wait to start playing this beast!!!

Toon_Link1899d ago

Man I wish I played the game more before the end, I had about 8 million Gil and I would have dumped it all into crafting if I knew it was getting cut down to 1/10 it's value. Oh well atleast I already have a few crafts to 50 and my gathering jobs in the mid 20s, so it won't be that tough for me. Either way games looking awesome and can't wait to play with some old friends.

Firan1899d ago

Don't worry about your gil. 800k has much more value than the same amount had in 1.0. Heck, even 50k made my character happy when I upgraded my gear in the beta. 50k wasn't worth anything in 1.0 lol.

Toon_Link1899d ago

True true 50k was nothing lol. I'm trying not to beat my self up over it but I might as well look at it as a head start. Anyway. Got a feeling I'm going to be focusing on my gathering jobs and that should remedy any Gil problems I might have. Here's to hoping fish still turn into crystal not sure what ill do with my alchemy and fishing if it doesn't.

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