GamerZines | Pool Nation Review: 'Just Breaking Balls'

GamerZines writes:

Overall Pool Nation sells the fantasy of the age old cue and ball sport better than any other experience we’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Even a risk-averse player like myself had a blast just smacking balls around. The easy-to-grasp, hard to master nature of the control scheme makes matches feel alive and engaging, thanks in no small part to pulling back the right stick and pushing forward to initiate a shot; perfecting emulating that feel of pulling a cue back and hitting a ball.

The only real problem I found during the review process is that there just weren’t enough players online to have matches against, which is a real shame as this experience deserves a lot more attention than it’s currently getting. Cherry Games has even added Blackball (UK 9 Ball) to the game as free set of DLC, so in theory and execution at least there’s no reason why Pool Nation shouldn’t be a lot more popular.

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