E3 Isn't Important (For Most of Us)

BNR: “Adapt or die.” So said Darwin a great many years ago, and this has become a mantra in the business world today. It’s important to recognize when things are changing and be ready to change with them or face one’s own end. Such may be true for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. For quite a few years, it was the only show in town- it was before the Penny Arcade Expo and New York Comic Con. It started in 1996- back when SNES games were still in production and the Nintendo 64 was brand spanking new. Things were very different back then- the spread of information was slower, and physical magazines published information reaped at the massive conference, year after year.

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DivineAssault 2016d ago

important to me.. I love hearing about new software & in this years case, hardware.. E3 is awesome & i wish i could be there this yr