Pixelitis Picks: Our realistic and unrealistic E3 predictions

"Boy oh boy are we pumped for next week.

Every year the Electronic Entertainment Expo makes June feel like an early Christmas for gaming enthusiasts. While most of us won’t be hands-on at the Los Angeles Convention Center, we get to find out what we’ll be playing for the next year and beyond. However, once every six or seven years a very special E3 comes along–an E3 where new consoles are fully revealed and, of course, over-hyped. The Xbox One had a lackluster reveal a couple weeks ago, and we haven’t even seen what the PlayStation 4 looks like yet, so there’s going to be a lot of information coming our way.

But the new consoles aren’t really what’s important. With them also come new games, and neither system has talked too much about their exclusives. Expect Microsoft and Sony to battle it out for console supremacy with exclusive titles and surprise reveals, while Nintendo quietly doles out information on all their big first-party Wii U games a day later.

To help cope with the five days left until E3, the Pixelitis staff has put together a list of our E3 predictions for this year. And just for fun, we’ve also included a wild, hopeful and unrealistic prediction per staff member. Feel free to add your own reasonable and unrealistic prediction in the comments below."

- Pixelitis Staff

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