E3 2013 Preview, Somethings That We Should Expect to See or Might See

Talking about what we will most likely see and what we could possibly see at E3 plus tells when the press conferences are on Monday. Lists certain games we are likely to see at E3 and how the Fable series will get 2 games in the next few years.

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TheSuperior 1958d ago

I am so excited for E3, great article! Not that it has anything to do with the post but all the people who think that E3 isnt important to them are dumb because if your a gamer it should matter.

ltachiUchiha1957d ago

Plz remove Next-Gen tag. Cheers mate.

Iceman_Nightmare1957d ago

Conker's Other Bad Fur Day, and Mirror's Edge 2 gameplay