New DriveClub scans

New amazings pictures of the upcoming Driveclub that will be released on OPM magazine

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abzdine1936d ago

looks more than good imo! this is an exclusive sony first party racing game!

Enemy1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Driveclub's creative lead, Matt Southern, spoke on stage at the PS4 conference about how the developer has, "gone borderline insane with real-world details and subtleties."

"Each car is obsessively, painstakingly recreated"

"Evolution promise only the finest supercars for us to prang"

"Tournaments can involve hundreds of drivers at once"

"Car models are absurdly detailed. Millions will die checking out the grain of the seat leather or staring endlessly into grills and headlights"

"This is the kind of game Evolution wanted to make for years"

"Evolution's involvement with the PS4 began back in February of 2008"

It shows. Just from the little gameplay footage we got, Driveclub is easily the most beautiful racing game I've ever seen. WTF @ at the carbon fibre and interior descriptions. Looks like Sony buying Evolution was a good idea after all.

LOL_WUT1936d ago

Evolution studio's dream has been realized I couldn't be more happy for them now its up to us to support them. ;)

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sigfredod1936d ago

So pumped for this game, the level of detail is insane

1936d ago
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