inSIDE Sucker Punch: The Tech of Second Son

Posted by Spencer Alexander // Technical Director -

E3 is almost upon us! Seems like yesterday, we revealed inFAMOUS: Second Son to the world. Since the announce event in New York, we here at Sucker Punch have been hard at work so we can show you more of Delsin Rowe, our new protagonist in action. BTW, if you want more info on Second Son and if you haven’t seen the June cover of GameInformer, you might want to check it out! GameInformer created a hub featuring multiple stories that bring Second Son to life on PlayStation 4.

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US8F2017d ago

I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far out of this game. I LOVE open world games and this year is full of them and next year as well.

RedHawkX2017d ago

open world game benefit big time from the superior 8 gb gddr5 ram the ps4 has. so im extra excited for them on the ps4 with the best hardware. this game will be sick. super hero open world games are the best.

Sevir2017d ago

inFAMOUS:Second Son. Killzone already did at the PS4 announcement, Infamous should get it's spotlight and have GG show of a new trailer for Shadow Fall, along with Driveclub and Knack while announcing new games for the PS4 that will launch with in the first year of the PS4 availability on the market.

jocomat92017d ago

so excited for this. Nightcrawler like powers. aww yes

Inception2017d ago

Is that Troy Baker as Delsin mocap / voice actor? Wow, this guy are everywhere. Two Face, Robin, Booker DeWitt, Vincent (Catherine), Joel, Kanji (P4), Valvatorez, Hayabusha, Snow, and now this? Man, i will not surprised if sony hired him again for Uncharted 4.

Anyway, i always love watching behind the scenes for any video game. It showed how passion this guys workin day in-day out just to complete one games ^^

Pintheshadows2017d ago

Yeah, it is Troy Baker. :)

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