PS3T: The Last of Us Review

Worse than Duke Nukem Forever.

Only joking.

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o-Sunny-o1994d ago

Your mama jk. Another good score can't wait all this news is overwhelming. ^~^

SOD_Delta1993d ago

E3 plus TLOU is gaming overload. Can't wait!

P_Bomb1994d ago

Weird how PS3trophies isn't on metacritic while their sister site 360achievements is. Like BestBuy & Future Shop, it's the same parent company!! In any case, good score.

SOD_Delta1993d ago

It's a shop...that's in the future. LOL JK

It looks like Best Buy, but in Canada

strigoi8141993d ago

no sheetz dont mess with the last of us or else you gonna find yourself in trouble and get mobbed

Revolver_X_1993d ago

Reads: Worse then Duke Nukem Forever.
Instantly Recalls: Aliens Colonial Marines.

sprinterboy1993d ago

Disagree, had fun with DNF and Aliens colonal marines, if you expected awesome story or AI etc then yes they were crap, but as run and gun shooters they were good imo. Had more fun with those 2 games than i did the freeze fest of skyrim, just my opinion though.

Revolver_X_1993d ago

While DNF was very nostalgic, it wasnt good AT ALL. Aliens was horrible. The bugs were horrible and the A.I. was hilariously bad. While Skyrim, I dunno why you felt the need to bring up, was overrated and buggy, at least it didnt crash my trophy list. I had to remake my PSN because Aliens glitched my trophies so that it wouldn't sync to server. Both games were ugly in every way. I bought and played both, I can speak from first hand knowledge.