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New Game Network: "It’s with high interest, then, that most fans will be approaching their brand new IP in over 15 years. While many had hoped that The Last of Us will be a genre-defining experience purely because of the skill the developers showed with Uncharted 2, the new game doesn’t quite live up to those expectations. Instead it is a highly polished and atmospheric game that most any zombie and adventure fans can enjoy."

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Kran2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

What the... I just...

I swear people aren't entitled to their own opinions these days. I bet if that number was just 7 points higher, people like you wouldn't say a peep about the site. 4 points lower and people would be trying to burn the site.


finbars752015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Actually If I had it my way there would be no such things as reviews.Throw them out the door.The only people who should review a game are ourselves, but not written the way its done now a days.Everybody has there likes and dislikes and types of games they prefer.having reviewers post scores does sway alot of the gamers away from such great games.Get rid of the paid reviewers and let people buy the games for what they are and judge the game for themsleves not for someone who mightwill have a different outlook on the game.I could care less about the reviews for The Last Of Us because I feel in my opinion it will give me the experience that im looking forward to.

ExPresident2015d ago

That would be all fine and well if reviewers weren't paid for their reviews and or aiming to just get site hits. Thats the problem. You see the vast majority praising a title as amazing and giving perfect scores then you get the one that throws the score off to generate site hits.

The site will never admit to it but it obviously happens and this wouldn't the first, nor will be the last, to happen to it.

If reviews were just that, simply reviews, fine. But there are sites out there that intentionally go one way or the other for reasons not surrounding the game.

2015d ago
Walker2015d ago

yeah they always troll naughty dog and ps3 exclusives !

Plagasx2015d ago

Lol, so if any review does score higher than a 9 it's considered a troll review? LOL gamers these days..

Imalwaysright2015d ago

Not gamers. Hypocrite fanboys that didn't even played the game yet.

Chuk52015d ago

Sony fanboys in full effect today

SonyPS42015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I am a Sony fanboy and I disagree that anything less than a 9 is garbage. I play Hyperdimension Neptunia and Atelier games. They usually score around the 4-7 range but I don't really care because I enjoy the games. Maybe others don't like these games but then again I don't buy games for other people.

Locksus2015d ago

This. How stupid does one have to be to think that an 8.3 is a bad score? Give me a break.

SonyPS42015d ago

You must have played it from beginning to end, even platinumed it. Please tell how amazing this game is.

andibandit2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Let me just ruin the surprise for you now, no game gets all 9 and 10's. The skill lies in taking a step back and look at the whole picture.
If you fail at this you're problably gonna cry troll alot.

StraightPath2015d ago

why are people coming out for troll with anything that is 8 or 7 lol it doesn't matter so far it has a great 95% metacritic.

Same people who hate IGN and have bashed EDGE now love them. Make up your minds hypocrites lol

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GDDR6_20142015d ago

Based on what? You played it?

DeletedAcc2015d ago

Dont need to play it

At least i played the demo

BullyMangler2015d ago

does this game bring game-CHANGING game-play mechanics?

does The Last of us bring CREATEivity ?

maybe it dsnt . . . The Last of Us Looks and sounds like a game that ANYBODY could have thought of = GENERIC . .

so a perfect score would not make any sense, no matter how fun and addicting something is.

more like 9.7 < fact

xHeavYx2015d ago

One bubble troll is trolling

yugovega2015d ago

weird that all the people with 1 bubble are the only ones talking sense today. proves if you arn't a son fanboy you will lose bubbles.

bye bye to my bubbles.

OrangePowerz2015d ago

"fans will be approaching their brand new IP in over 15 years"


Karpetburnz2015d ago

While this may be the reviewers opinion, you have to admit reviews like these look strange considdering almost every website has given a perfect score

_QQ_2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

You mean all 20 reviews? gamespot also gave it an 80. Different people have different critiques.

Karpetburnz2015d ago

Metacritic has counted 52 reviews so far and only 4 reviews are lower than 9/10, fair enough if people genuinely think the game is average to good, but it's annoying when troll critics can't give credit where it's due, just look at that 7.5 review, apparently that same website is infamous for giving low scores to hyped games.

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