Gametrailers Review: The Last of Us

Gametrailers spent a long, hard year with the survivors of The Last of Us to file this report on what could be Naughty Dog's finest game ever. Check out our single-player review.

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despair1869d ago

How much did it get from them? I am avoiding all info on the game until my copy comes, I'm just checking scores for curiosity sake.

DeletedAcc1869d ago

Same here
Want to know if that "xbox-paid" site gave tlou better than 9.5

Godmars2901869d ago

There are a few nitpicks in the review that come off as if they'd be ignored if an Xbox title.

trenso11869d ago

so if its lower than 9.5 its a bad score?

guitarded771869d ago

What are you talking about. GameTrailers has consistently given higher scores to PS3 exclusives compared to IGN, G4 and GameSpot.

If GT took money from MS, it wasn't to downplay Sony exclusives. Plus, TLOU is destined to be a masterpiece of this generation; reviews are pretty unanimous.

Godmars2901869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Unfortunately they have the current stigma of having an Xbox app and tailoring much of their content towards that market. Of being no different from their sister corporate counter-part, SpikeTV which is only showing the MS E3 conference.

Godlovesgamers1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Why? What vested interest do you have in seeing this game succeed? Did you personally work on the game, know someone that did, or is this game getting perfect scores some sort of extension of your personal sense of self-worth?

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xhi41869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Weird, they didn't give any scores. I think they're doing one with the multiplayer component too?

EDIT: They end the review by saying "we recommend the Last of Us with the highest accolades' and other reallly nice things. No score.

despair1869d ago

wow, that's probably the equivalent to a near perfect score, close enough to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks for the reply.


15 hours, that's pretty awesome.
And with Newgame+ this will take alot of my time, which is Great!!

despair1869d ago

yup I think I might actually spend a ridiculous amount of time on this game. Definitely going to get the platinum as well.

Ducky1869d ago

Seems like they're gonna wait till they play multiplayer to do a final review.

-GametimeUK-1869d ago

They said a full review is coming. It seems they like the game. It is going to be over 9 by the sounds of it. Let's see if they can hit 9.5 on GT.

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majiebeast1869d ago

The only thing they say is they give it the highest accolades.

sly-Famous1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"The highest accolade" so its a ten or very close to for GT?

boldscot1869d ago

No scores because there have been large restrictions on what the can show you and they haven't had a chance to play enough multiplayer, should have just waited to do the review or just called it a preview.

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