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There are hints of a nuanced message in The Last of Us, but convention wins out too often to easily find them. Naughty Dog commits to a somber tone that affects every piece of the game for better and worse. It achieves incredible emotional high points about as often as it bumps up against tired scenario design that doesn't fit its world. Survival in the post-apocalypse requires compromise, but The Last of Us has given up something vital.

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DoomeDx1989d ago

Remember me got an 8.. lol

US8F1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Yea remember me getting a better score shows this sites credentials. If almost every high caliber gaming site gives it(the last of us) a perfect score or close to perfect and some site that has no identity wanting to stand out would make a few things out of the norm to stand out.

Still, polygone is garbage and even if they gave it a 10, compare it with how other sites review their games, and you will see that it is nothing to brag about.

aaron58291989d ago

well... i said it before... i'll say it again...

i dont care if this game gets 0 out of 10. still buying it... day 1!!

cant bloody wait!!

JoGam1989d ago

Please tell me you're joking?

minimur121989d ago

animal crossing a new leaf got 9

NewMonday1989d ago is new site that is becoming popular by purly trolling the entier gaming community for hits, they go the oppiset of every sentment not just from here but from infamously Simcity, and it'sworking for them, you will see more of them with stunts like this.

don't click on their links and downvote them with every troll article.

Mr_Nuts1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


lol, so a game which is roughly the same with a few new changes in every instalment is worthy of a 9 but a game which is totally different from Uncharted is a 7.5.



Did anyone know that Polygon is owned/sponsored a lot by Microsoft. Just saying...

Ashunderfire861989d ago

Really!!! That's a bad game and it's too repetitive, compared to a masterpiece like Last Of Us. I smell bullshit.

gaffyh1989d ago

Obligatory low score for hits review...

Zool 081989d ago

@Mr Nuts

If that's true, it goes to show how sad and desperate M$ is. My advise to M$ to keep up, concentrate on delivering games like instead of trashing the competition.

Karpetburnz1989d ago

See this is why you shouldn't always trust reviews, you can't tell me Remmember me is better than TLOU. I don't really care that a few websites are giving average reviews cause I know there probably just trolling for hits, or even if it is there real opinion it doesn't bother me to much because most other websites are praising the game, it just bugs me that it could lower the metacritic score lol

zeee1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Story Quality: WTF
Like this website: NO

Done :)

I mean they obviously are free to review it however they like, if they do this in all honesty but clearly, giving Remember Me 8 and then The Last of Us 7.5 is just too biased. They are trolling at best. Hungry for your clicks and THAT is what I don't approve of.

sobekflakmonkey1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I'm pretty sure none of you super fanboy's even read the's actually really good, the author doesn't bash it or anything, he's just being honest, and he brings up a lot of points that nobody else would dare to bring up due to the backlash that is clearly coming from you guys. I like that it got a 7.5, people will throw a 10 at a game for no reason other than the fact that there's hype surrounding it and that they feel like the majority wants it so give it a 10 and everyone will be happy with your review. Also, why is it that when someone's opinion differs from your's you all truly believe its some sort of conspiracy to get views or that they are partially owned by microsoft or something? It's a website that reviews games, they reviewed a game and gave their honest opinion, when it comes to TLoU (7.5) and Remember Me(8), you have to realize that one review was written by one person and the other one written by someone else.

1989d ago
NewMonday1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


not clicking on the link

if this is a one off then OK, some games no matter how well made they are may rube people the wrong way, but is a sleazy wbsite that givs good PR disgised as "articals" to it's partners and drawing hits with troll reviews, many expected the site to do this and they were true to form, they also wen't against the game community in "always on" and DRM.

guitarded771989d ago


Somebody wants attention. Mommy didn't love him.

And if anyone goes off saying "7.5's not a bad score"... of course it's not, but this game isn't a 7.5. Reviewers can be opinionated on what they like and don't like personal preference wise, but the bulk of a review score should always be focused on the technical and gameplay aspects.

Statix1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I'm pretty sure Polygon is a shill site for M$. I recall visiting Polygon on the day of the disastrous Xbox One reveal, and it was nothing but positive articles about the Xbox One.

No, not even a single article questioning the used-game ban and always-online DRM problems with the Xbox One.

ShinMaster1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

^ not a joke.

Seems to be the only "average" review so far.

Army_of_Darkness1989d ago

Are you fu*king kidding me?! He's trying to keep that 14 yrs. Girl alive during a cold heartless apocalyptic world that consist of kill or be killed and its "unnecessary violance"?! Lol! GTFO!

DragonKnight1989d ago

Guys, don't be surprised by this. This is the site that Brian Crecente works for. As much as I feel that he's been wrong about some pretty stupid stuff, Madam Sessler did a MUCH better review of this game.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1989d ago

yea these guys also gave a COD game a better review score than the LAST OF US. My gaaawd

RyuCloudStrife1989d ago

Under read the full review it says + click it and rate it WTF and No.

Thank you for doing the internet a favor!

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Rikitatsu1989d ago

It's Uncharted all over again.
10/10 Review: "LEGIT SITE, GOTY!!!11!"

8/10 Review: "OMGWTF, Microsoft Moneyhat confirmed.. LOL WHO LISTENS TO THIS SITE ANYWAY?!!?"

mushroomwig1989d ago


It's not that at all, it's the idea that multiple websites can a perfect score and then suddenly we get one that gives a score that's just above smells fishy.

So, are we supposed to just ignore the fact that this game has scored multiple perfect scores and not question a random website giving out a radically lower score?

Even DoomeDx said it, Remember Me got an 8 so what sense does that make?

Rikitatsu1989d ago

It's called opinions.

Even the highest regarded games don't have perfect scores across the board.

P.S: Gamespot gave it a 8/10 as well.

Just because someone thinks the game you're hyped about doesn't deserve a "perfect score" doesn't mean he is biased or ignorant.

MysticStrummer1989d ago

You can't deny it is expected for any otherwise well reviewed game to get some low reviews for shock value and hit fishing. It's a ridiculous practice no matter which console's game is being used as bait.

Brazz1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Sure! Take a look!
Ofcorse the almost perfect score of this is just fanboy! Polygon is the only oe that is right! Polygon that was founded by Microsoft, but this doesn't metter, it's a detail...
End sarcasm...
The game is amazing in all review i see 8.0 is the botton line for this game! Polygon 7,5 is just Bullshit!

Ragnaarock1989d ago

Since when has become a reputable review website? I mean going by their advice you would go out and buy Remember me over The Last of us.
Just another way for a small website to get more hits. Even the review itself sounds like gibberish. Pretty much a pacifist little person who does not enjoy any sort of challenge.

Captain Qwark 91989d ago

agreed. although i think the game looks stunning, seeing it get a 7.5 here doesnt want to make me play it any less lol

dark souls was a ten to me and that didnt get perfect scores across the board, its not for everyone. perhaps neither is the last of us. no need to get offended

MrChow6661989d ago

what a bunch of HYPOCRITES the damn ps3 failboys hahaha

ZombieNinjaPanda1989d ago


7.5 IS NOT JUST ABOVE AVERAGE!!!! This is why reviewers have no credentials, because they feed into people like you. And when someone gives a game a 7.5, you people think that means it's HORRIBLE.

bicfitness1989d ago

Polygon were given 750K in startup funds by MS. Another poster evidenced this above. You can't expect their opinion not to be slanted when Mamma MS pays the bills.

Corpser1989d ago

And it's always an exclusive, no one freaks out when a multi platform game gets "only" a 8/10

kenshiro1001989d ago

So people can't voice their opinions about a review then?


ShinMaster1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


Sounds familiar?

snipes1011989d ago

I totally agree with you Riku. No one seems to stop and think for a second that these reviews were written by two different people, who likely would have given their respective games different scores.

This is not to mention the fact you all are so deluded that you can't see the irony in that you people come here to talk about how they are fishing for hits and shouldn't be listened to, and then bring the article right to the front page, making it more likely people will click on it.

I think I'm ready to stop coming to N4g. You are all so immature here it just aches when I read any comments at all.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1989d ago

yes they have their opinion when you also mentioned gamespots review they gave a COD GAME a 9/10 What a f*cking joke hahahah!

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trenso11989d ago

i knew it i was waiting for one of these troll scores

brave27heart1989d ago

Lets do the world a favour people, click ther site name under the Read Full Review heading, click WTF for story quality and No for did you like it.

Vote this site down.

THE-COMMANDER1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

IGN Gave it 10/10

Edge Gave it 10/10

Who care about Polygon?! LOL


A lot of sites gave it 10
i just stated the most important reviews ( At least for me lol ).

Check this Awesomness:

Minato-Namikaze1989d ago

i think destructoid gave it a 10 as well

FreakdoutKid1989d ago

these could be paid reviews

Kohven1989d ago

When one ends up being a lower score than the rest...the fanboys cry and get all butthurt.

Same thing happened to Halo 4 when egm gave it a what?...A 3? And people were so butthurt.

It's just a review...carry on with your life.

spongeboob1989d ago

As soon as I saw the score and site I knew it was Philip Kollar. I stopped taking him seriously after his Ni no Kuni review.

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1989d ago
DonFreezer1989d ago Show
Gildarts1989d ago

I thought the lowest score was supposed to be 9.3 xD

ASTAROTH1989d ago

The lowest score of the first 14 reviews of the embargo... u moron..

pivotplease1989d ago

I am usually one for subjectivity and opinions, but after going through the sites other reviews I'm not so sure about this review. Don't look up their dance central 3 review if you want to maintain your composure.

Simon_Brezhnev1989d ago

I dont plan on buying TLOU but this site trolls a lot. You should see the crazy shit Arthur Gies says on twitter and he's the editor in chief of the site. He defends everything about the xbox one always online and the used games.

Action GO FIGURE1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I give this review a score of 4/10 simply because I hate the guy talking. And I'm being generous...

ElitaStorm1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

use adblock plus so they dont get your hit

polygon, what a joke

kenshiro1001989d ago

A 7.5?

Really? I doubt this game is a 7.5.

CryofSilence1989d ago

They're hitseeking. We knew this would happen with a few publications. Thank goodness for N4G so we don't have to oblige. :D This game is getting phenomenal reviews (I'm still in shock by Edge's 10/10), so I imagine it will be phenomenal. I just hope/wish Naughty Dog makes some sort of infested mode. :)

titletownrelo1989d ago

Polygon is "owned" by Micro$oft, so there you go...

titletownrelo1989d ago

I commented on their Facebook, "they gave "Remember Me" an 8 and "Animal Crossing" a 9. So Polygon is saying that there were less glitches and problems and a stronger story found in "Animal Crossing" than there was in the game that huge gaming sites are calling "GOTDecade." I respect the freedom to have an opinion, but giving a game a low score just to be "that guy" is messed up. I'm not really surprised, Polygon is sponsored by Micro$oft.
PS4>ONE", and they deleted my message.

Tody_ZA1989d ago

What I dislike most about Polygon's review, being a game reviewer myself, is that I can't determine the score from reading the review.

I read the review twice, and I do not understand how 7.5 was gotten to.

Not to be a downer, but for me that always makes me feel like I just read a badly written review. If he wants to score the game 7.5, that's fine, everyone should be entitled to their verdict, but having that right, you have the responsibility to justify it with clear detail. The reviewer failed to do that.

It's another reason I very much dislike number scores. The sheer level of inconsistency. Especially with those breakdowns.

I can't remember which review of The Last Of Us I read, but it scored "Lasting Appeal" with an 8.5 despite the game being a third person shooter that can gives you 17 hours of game time, plus a multiplayer experience.

I'll never understand some number scores. I don't use them.

pivotplease1989d ago

I read that review as well. It's a very long game (3 times longer than what you could expect from Gears and 5 times longer than many CODs) with multiple difficulties, a NG+ option, multiple routes/strategies/AI possibilities, and then there's the multiplayer. They also gave graphics a 9.5 which surprised me. I don't mean to nitpick but very few console games hold a candle to it graphically and I think none might surpass it.

Seriously though, if you sift through the reviews, a lot of them are just 8.5s and 8s for very mediocre games (dance central 3 may have a 9.5 or something like that lol). Pretty sure they're biased and people shouldn't let that affect their judgment of the game's quality. The only complaints I've heard are that there are many cutscenes and that the game is very dark (neither of which are objective flaws).

Crazyglues1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Ok it's official this guy is an idiot and is now a site I don't go to anymore... Adding this site to my Ad Blocker List so I don't even make a mistake of visiting this site by accident.

If I need any more stupid advice I'll just ask Bernie Madoff what he thinks I should invest my money in..

I mean when every other site in the world has basically given the game a 10 - https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.a...
it makes you look like a real Moron to think the game is a 7.5

He says it's because a 14 year-old girl is seeing violence, I'm "hello" it's the end of the world, what were you expecting. I'm pretty sure Naughty Dog's game is tame compared to what it will really be like if this was to really happen... ah The Walking Dead TV show comes to mind.. -Did that show look like it was about rainbows and flowers.. LoL

Come on dude, what exactly did you expect them to do - turn down the violence and make it more like the smurfs - It's an end of the World video game. "Sh^t Happens, and that's the whole point. How things have changed now that there are no police and there are no laws..

I mean 7.5 that's not even a number I give to games I find are really bad... LoL

||.........___||............ ||

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Galacticos1989d ago

LOL @ Polygon.
Everyone expected this.

kungfuian1989d ago

give us hits, give us hits, we're obviously biased against sony but give a hits anyway

icecoldfire1989d ago

There has to be one troll review and it has to be Polygon.

majiebeast1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Polygon rating a ps3 exclusive low yeah this wont be the last time. 6.7 for Ninokuni 6.5 for God of war:A. They gave Dead Space 3 a 9.5 they are the definition of shills. Dont forget Microsoft funded their website.

Why o why1989d ago

Some still think gaming journalism is incorruptible.

The fear is strong.

ZombieNinjaPanda1989d ago

How is a 7.5 low though? Explain.

The 10th Rider1989d ago

How is a 7.5 low? This game's average score is somewhere around a 9.5, 7.5 is 2 less than 9.5. Going by a 10 point scale, 2 points is 1/5th of the scale. 1/5th is quite a significant drop. It's pretty basic math...

ZombieNinjaPanda1989d ago

@The 10th Rider

I still see no explanation why that 7.5 is a low score. Maybe if the reviewer gave it a 5 (WHICH IS AVERAGE) instead of a 7.5 (Which equals out to good. IGN even list a 7.5 as a good score, with explanation) then people here MIGHT have a right to say something. Not really though.

The 10th Rider1989d ago


Yes 5 is average on a ten point scale, but this game's average score on a ten point scale is around a 9.5. Anything below a 9.5 is lower than its average score and anything above 9.5 is higher. 7.5 is 2 points lower, which as I've said is 1/5th of the scale and a rather significant drop.

InTheLab1989d ago

To be fair, the dude that gave the game a 9.5 generally likes that sort of game. I find it odd that he did not review TLoU.

As for the actual critic, he gave both Darksiders and Tomb Raider a 9.....just for a little context.

Now if you were to take his issues with TLoU and compare it with TR, the main difference seems to be the difficulty of TLoU. He complains about the cover based gameplay and waves of enemies in TLoU, but has no problem with similar gameplay of TR.

Now, I loved TR and would agree with any score in the 8 to 9 range, so I would agree with his review. But his review sounds like a knock on Uncharted, as he spends a ton of space talking about freedom and control. He's clearly comparing TR to UC but he never mentions it.

So maybe his issue is with ND or how difficult TLoU is.

I thought the demo was better than everything else I've played all year but I do acknowledge that this game will turn off most gamers who only want to shoot things and EXPLOSIONS.

This game marks the return of survival horror and proves that ND isn't a one trick pony like everyone else, and that it is possible to be anti-CoD and succeed....which Makes The Last of Us the most important game this gen and the dude that reviewed it look petty for giving it a great review but s***ing on the score to make a statement.