Destructoid- Review: The Last of Us

DT:There is more to The Last of Us than just combat and "emotional" story tropes. To touch on its setpiece moments, to detail its beautiful changes in pace, would be to spoil too much. It cannot be said enough, however, that Naughty Dog's new best creation is complete, and when I say complete, I mean it to pay the highest of compliments. I do not want more from The Last of Us: I do not need more. As the last line was uttered and the credits ushered in the close, I was done. The Last of Us had achieved everything it needed to achieve in order to provide me with everything I wanted.

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DoomeDx1690d ago

a 10?! From destructoid? jesus..

PLASTICA-MAN1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Like I expected: It is 97 on metacrtics:

I just want to know the feeling of the one who disagreed with me:

At below: It went down just AFTER I posted, and more PERFECT reviews will come so YOU ARE WRONG!

DoomeDx1690d ago

Well its 95. Your prediction is wrong

yesmynameissumo1690d ago

Christ this game must be good!

miyamoto1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

10/10 from Jim Sterling?
I always enjoy Jim's English man English. Great read and review.
TLOU is a sterling masterpiece