'Mass Effect 3' dropped to $8 in Best Buy Dads and Grads sale

XMNR: Wednesday marks day two of a Dads and Grads sale at Best Buy and the video game loving dad or grad that enjoys sci-fi role-playing games are treated with an extremely cheap Mass Effect 3 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Snookies121966d ago

Gamestop had an awesome deal going as well for the Mass Effect Collection. It was like $39.99 new. Picked that up right away.

abzdine1966d ago

i got it for free on PS+ some weeks ago

RedHawkX1966d ago

yep ps+ gives you so many free games and discounts on games its not even funny and it costs less then live.

IcicleTrepan1966d ago

technically you rented it. once you stop paying you don't get to play anymore.

abzdine1966d ago

OK!...technically when you buy a game full cash and once you finish it you dont touch it anymore, so better "rent" it than pay it 60 bucks cause in the end we play through the same levels and the game loses all value :)

Toon_Link1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

@icicletrepan most people with PS+ do not plan on letting there membership expire so to many it's not really a rental. Currently I have 3 years of plus on my account and next time I see a really good deal ill buy another year(especially once they announce plus will be included on the ps4).

Anyway if you look at it like a rental subscription it's still about half the price of Netflix and to me I get more out of my plus sub.

Snookies121965d ago

I thought it was Mass Effect 3 you got, not the entire collection of all three games.

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RiPPn1966d ago

GoHastings just had the entire trilogy new for 19.99 the other day, so sad I missed it.

yugovega1966d ago

lame wiiu is not included

IcicleTrepan1966d ago

so now fathers day is so unimportant that it gets to be split with graduate students? too cool, best buy, too cool.

GeisT1965d ago

$8 dollars for that ending? They should pay us to for having to experience that.