Full details of NVIDIA’s Next Gen GeForce GTX 700m mobile GPU lineup

As we come close to the end of the done and dusted Kepler based GeForce GTX 600m GPU series for laptops, which did perform well to the say the least, but left us wanted more on power efficiency and heat. The situation that stands as of now is that we still cannot recommend a laptop for high-end gaming. The solution is just not practically viable. Portability does take a toll on gaming, you cannot imagine having a good 1 hour+ session of Crysis 3 while on battery-power of a powerful gaming laptop. Neither can you place it on your lap for prolonged hours due to the heat they generate when gaming.

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pivotplease1991d ago

Getting a new gaming laptop soon. Does anyone know when this line launches? That way I can buy the previous generation for cheaper probably lol.

Tundra1991d ago

The line is launched as of now. MSI and (Soon to be)Asus have their models for sale via resellers. I believe Sager/Clevo has the new GPU/CPUs as well.

pivotplease1991d ago

Thank you. Currently using an asus right now but I was looking at the lenovo ideapad because it is very economical and roughly 3 times more powerful than what I'm using now.