Slightly Mad Studios' Ian Bell Wants Project CARS To Focus On Next-Gen Platforms

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is something interesting. Over at the official forums of Project CARS (that are no accessible to those who have not contributed to it), a new poll went live in which the company wanted to find out whether it should shift development over the next-gen platforms or not."

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hiredhelp1991d ago

This will be best choice since when was Announced to be on 360/Ps3 This would meant DX9 This way next gen would beable to utilize the DX11 definatly a must.

jcornish1991d ago


Tatsuya 1991d ago

Hoping for this to be confirm! I want to see those jaw dropping graphics from Project Cars on my PS4.

PS4: Greatness Awaits

GuyThatPlaysGames1991d ago

It's not all about the graphics. Take a look at the whole package and not just the shiny exterior.

lonesoul651991d ago

But hey sure as hell help in a racing game...the devil is in the details...and that means visual too.

They do have a ways to go for sure...but that is why it is "still in development"

Plus switching to new consoles will probably help them justify extending the development time out a bit.

Tatsuya 1991d ago

It may not matter in other genres but, in a racing game where you cruise along the road at high speeds. All that matters are awesome views and jaw dropping looking cars while you drive.

hiredhelp1991d ago

Its true its not all about the graphics but in a game like this Graphics play a big roll as much as the machanics of the gameplay.
After all if a car didnt look like a real car whats the point of a simulation.

B_Rian891991d ago

I was always interested in this game. If they bring it to PS4 I'll definitely get it

AJ Hartley1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Cant wait GT6, Driveclub and now this cars galore.

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