EDGE #255 review scores

Take a look at the review scores from this month's issue of EDGE.

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Walker2020d ago

Say hello to game of this generation and arguably best game ever made !

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Aery2020d ago

Dust 514 is a good game, for sure not 4 and maybe a good 7.
I agree with rembemer me. This game is very, very good and too many reviwer played this game in a very "bland" way.
It's fine, the E3 is around the corner and people are excited about this even instead make good review.

yugovega2020d ago

mario galaxy 1 and 2 are the best of the generation. sorry. tlou is close but it won't hit 97/100 average

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Blastoise2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

The Last of us 10/10 from Edge, can't believe it :)

AsimLeonheart2020d ago

Who the hell disagreed with you and why? There is nothing in your statement that seems disagreeable... Looks like some haters are really bitter. lol.

die_fiend2020d ago

I just disagreed with you

despair2020d ago

High score for Remember Me, anyone play that yet, is it good, average or bad. Reviews are all over the place on that one.

Also what's with Animal Crossing games, never played any of them and the 10 minute vid I watched on this new one make it look boring but it seems to be universally liked. Is it just doing tedious and menial tasks or is there some purpose behind it?

TryMe2020d ago

The only way to actually understand why it's so liked is to play it.

It's addicting as hellllll

despair2020d ago

sounds good to me, I liked how it looked from the moment I saw it but the negative reviews and have made me doubt myself in purchasing it.

Still haven't decided as I have Last of Us coming up and a huge backlog of games to get through, but I might buy it just to support the devs and play it later on.

despair2020d ago

whoops think I mistook which game you were talking about lol, yea I heard that as well, it seems that Animal Crossing is just one of those games that needs to be experienced first hand to understand the appeal, will probably check it out when I get my 3DS...eventually.

EazyC2020d ago

Its rather like the reviews for Deadly Premonition, its a game destined to polarize opinions. So far, to me, it's fantastic. Engrossing world and stunning storytelling, and satisfying gameplay too. The world is really dynamic and alive as well, really breathes life into the environment. You should definitely check it out!

despair2020d ago

will do eventually but I've been checking up some user feedback on it and it seems I will be getting it, probably buy it on Amazon today and play it sometime in the future, must support the devs.

Sevir2020d ago

Where the vast majority rate it low, but gamers actually enjoy it... The Game reminds me of Digital Extreme's Dark Sector, a really good game torn to shreds by critics because the game variated on Gears of War's Gunplay and cover. Such is the case with Remember Me, A fusion of Uncharted's Cinematic Presentation as well as the platform/traversing mechanics with Arkham series combat mechanics...

Great game so far, beautiful graphics and presentation, voice acting is better than decent, not stellar but compelling enough. And Nillin is likeable. For me the combat could be stronger, but it isn't bad.

despair2020d ago

ohh nice, I loved Dark Sector definitely an under appreciated game, I have no problems with decent combat, I mean look at the Uncharted series, I still believe that both UC2 and UC3 are 10/10 games but the combat in both were not exactly the best of the best. Thanks for the mini-review :)

Karpetburnz2020d ago

Fantastic review, Fantastic score and a Fantastic game, Sony and Naughty Dog has yet again delivered a groundbreaking game, aaawww yeeeeaaahhhh baby. Can't wait for this bad boy.

Azurite2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Got it today!
The Last of Us that is.

OrangePowerz2020d ago

Lucky you, have fun and dont spoil anything :)

Azurite2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I want to stream while playing from the beginning, but was told it could get me banned.
So gonna wait anyway... which kind of feels like a waste.

Attached image as proof :)

Oh, just noticed I've recieved a mail from the distributor asking me respect the 2013-06-14 release date. They accidently sent it to a few people apparently and won't be responsible if something would happen to my PSN account.

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