The Last of Us - Nature Encroaches

Discover the science behind The Last of Us, and the fungus that almost wiped out humanity.

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DoomeDx1932d ago

This guy must be very happy with his life. /s

Sandmano1931d ago

who the guy talking in the video?

Studio-YaMi1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Wow,what an irrelevant and immature comment/view !

I bet he's happier and more successful than you ? :\

TechnicianTed1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

He's got a career in one of the most fascinating fields I can think of. I'd be very happy to be in his position.

SeanScythe1931d ago

Off topic: Could have done without the "we are warming the planet BS" It's the Sun, there is no proof of man made Global warming. None that is real and not behind the Agenda to get money from stupid people that fall for the Idea that man can change the temperature of the earth. Volcanic eruptions produce more then all of mankind could ever do. We've only been keeping track of temperatures for the past maybe 100 years if that. So who's to say that today's weather is the norm compared to 150 years ago and beyond that?

On Topic: Besides that I can't wait for this game just 8 more days to play the best game of this generation!