FIFA 14 on Xbox One: worth the upgrade?

X360: FIFA 14 made a splash at the Xbox One reveal, but will it be different enough from the Xbox 360 version to warrant a purchase? Graphics aren’t always enough, are they?

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JBallerX2022d ago

If you are buying an Xbox One...yes it's worth the upgrade. Same thing with BF4.

adonisisfree2022d ago

Totally agree, but I am afraid the xbox one version will be just like madden 06 for the 360, all bare bones and anorexic.

ApplesauceNinja2022d ago

Of course not. Soccer sucks in general. No matter how you dress it up, it is still a bunch of men in little shorts running around for three hours. Come back and talk to me when they are allowed to use their hands and hit the opposing players.

psvita_JG2022d ago

1. Its not Soccer, it's football.
2. They do not run around in little shorts for three hours, 1 and a half hours to be exact.
3. I can see that your from America, your so called Football which isn't football because you don't use your feet is crap in GENERAL, its basically Rugby but for little wusses having to use protective gear.
4. You have no idea about Sport and obviously ZERO idea about Football so why are you reading something about FIFA.

Waller2022d ago

Even though I agree with your statements, I'm just going to point out that it was the captain of the English football team that originally called it 'soccer' to differentiate it from rugby football. AsSOCiation football = SOCcer. RUGby football = RUGger.

tycanady2021d ago

First of all I just want you to know that I created an account on this site with the sole intention of replying to your ignorant comment regarding soccer. I'm not going to come out and call you a stupid American and accuse you of calling it soccer instead of football because, frankly, I doesn't matter where you're from or what you call it. Soccer is a game of finesse, creativity and vision. Yes, you can make a point that all sports include these to some extent but soccer does so more than others. You try dribbling a ball with your feet up a field while defenders pull your jersey, ram into you from the side and stomp on your feet while you try to both look up for your teammates and look down at the feet of your defenders and the ball. It takes an immense amount of skill and finesse to do what andres iniesta and Lionel messi do and, while American football does require an amount of strength and athleticism that soccer does not in some cases, it is no better and no worse; it is simply different. So keep your stupid mouth shut and stop trolling about something you don't know.