Players Of The Lost Cart: 5 Tips For The Beginner Retro Games Collector/Importer

Aaron gives 5 tips for the start-up retro/import games enthusiast to send them on the right road towards a haul of gaming treasure fit for the hall of fame.

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darthv722019d ago

I have been gaming for over 30 years but only been collecting the last 20. I have made some stupid decisions when it came to getting rid of games in favor of others.

Like when i traded in about 20 genesis and snes games to get the Jaguar from electronic boutique when it first came out....yeah.

Now while the Jag is an obscure system and has its share of rarities, the games i traded in were probably better off if they stayed in my collection. Most notably, Herzog Zwei and Gaires on genesis.

Most of the ones i got rid of, i managed to find again but there are some that still elude me due to price. I had MUSHA...still have the case and manual for it but somehow i lost the actual cart.....damn that game is expensive now.

I should just sell the case and manual but i would rather get the cart to complete the set.