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Capcom’s Remember Me was the surprise hit of Gamescom last year, seemingly coming from nowhere with a brand new look and an aggressive new strategy. This was a videogame determined to shake-up Capcom’s schedule of reliable franchises and repeated outings of existing titles. Remember Me is an original story and an original gameplay experience; an effort which is commendable in its own right, regardless of the fact that it’s actually a hugely enjoyable videogame.

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MooseWI1990d ago

Seems to be about the average for this game.. I wish it got better, bot this isn't bad.

Tex1171990d ago

For a new relatively obsecure IP (ie, not "The Last of Us") this is a great score.

Games that have things like "original story and an original gameplay experience" ascribed to them rarely score over an 8.

I will be picking this up on sale as soon as I can.