Is The Last Of Us the most beautiful game of this console generation?

We've truly been spoiled when it comes to game graphics this console generation. From the rolling tundras of Skyrim to the open plains of Red Dead Redemption, from Uncharted's lush jungles to the city-in-the-sky of Bioshock Infinite, we've been taken to some truly incredible places.

We may, however, be on the verge of seeing the release of a game that tops them all. The post-apocalyptic world of The Last Of Us is as beautiful as it is brutal and harrowing, with some of most incredible environments, facial animations and set pieces we've ever played through. The world of The Last Of Us may be in tatters, but your eyes will be in heaven, taking in all the detail crammed into this sumptuous world.

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Snookies122023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Naughty Dog have been really talented this generation when it came to graphics. I remember getting Uncharted back in the day and just constantly stopping to look at the jungles and how beautiful they were. The Last of Us is definitely their prettiest game to date, and it really shows. You have to give it up for ND on this one, seems like this is going to be their masterpiece. Even over Uncharted 2.

Honest_gamer2023d ago

honestly NOTHING beats it when ur on the sub at the start and you look at the forest under it, was beautiful

Drakesfortune2023d ago


Looking into the sun right with the watefall...drawdropping vista.

Naughty dog are immense developers and are getting better with each generation and love that they are not following trend and just rehasing old games and will actually try somethign new

ILive2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

No trolling, but I will say final fantasy 13. It is incredible. Even when you play it now, it will still blow you away. Honorable mention goes to most of Sony's first party offerings, and la noire. But I think beyond might take the crown from ff13 for me personally.

piroh2023d ago

FF13 is beautiful, but LoU is all about in-game graphics while majority of FF13´s beauty are CGI videos, although no denying FF13 is awesome

garos822022d ago

another impressive one for me was resident evil 5. even though the game was a steaming pile of shit IMO the visuals were awesome

Catoplepas2023d ago

I prefer the look of Ni no Kuni, but it all comes down to personal aesthetic predilection.

Regardless, The Last of Us is undeniably a stunning title.

sourav932023d ago

Though I prefer the realistic art style of TLOU over the cell shaded likes of Ni no Kuni, you comment is very well said. We need more comments like that on N4G.

RedHawkX2023d ago

yeah all the best looking games on the ps3 exclusively as far as consoles go. you havent really been console gaming if all you been playing is ugly xbox graphics games. the only thing better then ps3 graphics is pc graphics.

CrossingEden2022d ago

on this site it all comes down to personal aesthetic predilection only if you're a sony fan, if you think a 360 game looks better, then you're gonna get disagrees up the ***

garos822022d ago

ni no kuni was a visual treat from beginning to end! last of us goes in a different approach as does god of war,infamous 2 and gran turismo. all beautiful in their own special way

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Walker2023d ago

Without a doubt, yes it is !

PirateThom2023d ago

It's up there, you'd also have to take Ni No Kuni and Journey into consideration.

ltachiUchiha2023d ago

Definitely agree with u there, just a in a different art style.

ltachiUchiha2023d ago

There is no question about it. Even some previews said they thought it looked better then anything they have seen thus far. Thats saying alot.

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