Driving School 101: Vehicle Dynamics

MWEB Gamezone Writer Zubayr Bhyat attempts to demystify vehicle dynamics in racing simulation games in a racing tutorial series. Things get a little technical but loads of demos and media are provided for learning purposes.

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GabeSA1966d ago

A true racing fan I can tell.

WelshPixie1966d ago

I subscribe to the WSAD school of driving. I'm lazy. Also, I crash a lot. :D

HanCilliers1966d ago

Great read, could you please do a piece about 'drifting'

DesVader1966d ago

Really nice insight into driving mechanics. I think when it comes down to it, player prefer different things - there are the group that prefer racing games as "simulators" and insist on a high level of realism then there are those that just want an "arcade" style driving game, where they just want to have fun speeding cars. I think the gaming market caters for both of these audiences quite well. I'm very much in the "arcade" racing camp - I want to speed around, maybe have an interesting story line like NFS The Run.

Choc_Salties1966d ago

There is a time and place for both genre subsets - I for one, don't want ANY kind of realism when I'm jamming some Carmageddon!