Unwrap A New Gundam Breaker Trailer

By Spencer

Namco Bandai’s plastic model battling game Gundam Breaker is about to launch and the developers got a lot of feedback from beta testers which they implemented into the game. Tweaks were made to the game’s controls. You can use the right stick to cycle through targets. Moving it left or right changes your target. Flick the right stick down to pick the closest target or flick it up to get a large enemy. R3 lets you lock on to enemies.

Gundam Breaker will also have captains that assist players during battles in the retail version. Networking features like password protected rooms, friend invites, and voice chats will be added in the final game as well. On top of getting HG Freedom parts, first print copies also include parts for HG Hyakyushiki.

Gundam Breaker is scheduled to come out on June 27 for PlayStation 3. A Vita version is slated for release later this year.

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