Video: Unreal III 'Master Chief' Mod In Action

A video hosted on Youtube, showing off the recently available "Master Chief" Mod in action.

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Lord Anubis3648d ago

The second maps looks alot like a COD4 map.

I would like to see Ulroquia from the anime Bleach. THat would be bad ass.

timmyp533648d ago

hmmmm UT3 kratos character mod.. *drool*.. I want this game!

EZCheez3648d ago

Master Chief on a COD4 map being played on UT3. Insane.

They should have played on the Lego map.

Rice3648d ago

What a CoD4 map.... Man, next thing this game is goonna turn into resistance or something...

TheHater3648d ago

Master chief wish he can move like that. In Halo, is move like a dam turtle

Amanosenpai3648d ago

Hope Bungie guys dont see this cause they gonna feel BAD...

Or maybe they will start to work in HALO 4


Bonsai12143648d ago

thats so true. one of my major qualms with the halo series is that you move so slowly. the first time i played the original halo ages ago with 3 friends (you know, split screen, old school) i was shocked at how slowly he moved, especially since i was a hardcore quake iii player before..

TheHater3648d ago

that is my biggest problem with the halo series. It too dam slow. I use to play UT 2004, Quake, and Counter Strike. Compare to those game, Halo is really slow, and I press the buttons too fast, and complete miss my target.

ForTheFallen3648d ago

looks better on PS3 than Xbox...

Odd but he looks awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.