Opinion: Pre-ordered an Xbox One or PS4? You must be insane.

HeyUGuysGaming: ASDA revealed yesterday that pre-orders for the Xbox One have broken their record for “fastest selling pre-order console”. It’s not a surprise really when you factor in that just £20 can guarantee you one of the new machines at release – that is the same price as a portion of chicken chow mein, egg fried rice and vegetable spring rolls from the local chinese take-away.

ASDA aren’t the only ones taking pre-orders for next-generation technology either. Tesco, Zavvi, Amazon, ShopTo, Blockbuster & GAME are all taking orders for Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s new console and are quoting “unprecedented demand” for them.

Personally, I think all of these people pre-ordering either an Xbox One or PS4 at this early stage are insane.

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DJMarty2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Insane if you pre-ordered PAY WALLED CABLE BOX aka Xbox One.

Good choice if ya pre-ordered PS4, I have.

dcbronco2022d ago

Lol, you're so funny. You're on a troll.

dcbronco2021d ago

So Marty do you have three accounts or ten?

GamersRulz2022d ago

There is something I don't understand about XboxOne TV connectivity. You still need a cable box connected to X1 in order to function!

That's like connecting a PS2 to BluRay Player so I can play BD discs from PS2!

All in ONE BOX my a$$!

grassyknoll2022d ago

Then you need a extra harddrive to play retail games (500GB is nothing if all games have to be put on it). The whole idea behind Xbox One is a total mess. Skype, gaming & internet searches on the same screen at the same time: Madness.

Sitdown2022d ago

Something tells me there is a lot of things in life you don't understand. There is no Xbox one TV..... There is simplify an Xbox one overlay or user interface that works in conjunction with your cable. Stop being dramatic.... if you don't even want the Xbox one, why even waste your time talking about it?

mrmancs2022d ago

*correction* Insane and retarded if you pre ordered a Xbox one over a ps4.

Smootherkuzz2022d ago

I will be getting Xbox One.You do you and I'll do me. Whatever you choose game on.

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The story is too old to be commented.