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IGN: "For many, State of Decay is the zombie game they’ve always wanted. It’s janky, but that’s highly forgivable in the end."

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antz11042015d ago

Looks really good!

Downloading now......damn you work day!!!!!!Damn you to Hell!!!!!!

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MikeyDucati12015d ago

This game looks interesting. Watching Greg Miller die by falling off the station was hilarious.

Captain Qwark 92015d ago

sure was, i was cracking up. getting this game later, looks awesome

TripC502015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Who needs the last of us when we have this!
Go Wii U!
disagree counter GO!!

Captain Qwark 92015d ago

i added an agree just to help you out lol although my ps3 broke in march and i wanted the last of us bad. game looks amazing. ill take this too though

ZodTheRipper2015d ago

Those are two completely different games. I'll probably get it for PC one day but there are also people that didn't give it such a high score whereas TLOU is collecting perfect scores from almost everywhere right now.

But it looks like a fun game for a XBLA title.

Shadonic2015d ago

Dude stop im getting State of Decay in a few minutes but theres no point in hateing on Last of us or sony. Last of us is going to be a great game just like state of decay.

Rivitur2015d ago

Counter-strike: GO?

: p

TripC502015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I feel like the Last of Us will be the forerunner of all next gen games meaning heavy/good story telling and cinimatic cutscenes. Hopefully, games like TLOU and That Beyond game, with Juno (lol forgot name), will gain attention from more non gamers to pick up a remote. With more gamers brings a demand for more "blockbuster" games.

But state of Decay seems like the good old game that concentrates on gameplay rather than a earth shattering story. These games, I personally love.

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The story is too old to be commented.