The PSP Turns 3: An Interview With Sony's John Koller - Video Service, More Titiles and more

GI: Can we expect to see more PSP and PS3 cross functionality in the future? Is that something you're going to continue to be putting a big focus on?

Koller: Yeah, absolutely. Remote play is very, very important to us, especially as the PS3 install base grows, and you've seen the numbers-the PS3 is on fire as well. We look at the PS3 as the console for the home and the living room, obviously, and we look at the PSP as the travel console or device that you can use to bring content from your PS3 with you. We've expanded that in recent firmware updates. That's going to continue to expand this year. That's a big, important emphasis point for us.

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Harry1903714d ago

that's not been very long.
time flows by as my psp and i
spend time together.

whoelse3713d ago

"The video-download service is something that we’re working on down here for the PlayStation Network. PSP will be a part of that. We don’t have a firm date, but it’s shortly—I guess that’s the best way to put that."

Yes! I hope this is the PSN update in 'early April'.