UGO: Naruto Ninja Destiny Review

UGO writes: "Oh Naruto: Ninja Destiny. Why must you be so shallow? With so few quality (non-import) fighting games available for the Nintendo DS, it's a shame to see such a well-designed, smooth-running engine mashed into a game which doesn't even give series newcomers the basic courtesy of narrative context. C'est la anime. Dream Factory's Naruto: Ninja Destiny delivers some entertaining 2.5D fighting... for about 30 minutes. After that, the realization sets in that most everything you want to do with the core gameplay is either missing or hobbled in some way.

Confusion Reigns in Naruto: Ninja Destiny

If you're walking into Naruto: Ninja Destiny hoping to get something out of it, then you'd better have a good knowledge of the series. With no plot or character rundown to be found either on the case or in the manual, the first visible indication that these characters have more in common than their cel-shading is a text-based prologue which introduces the game's story mode."

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