Stortzum’s Squawking Points: The Nintendo Third-Party Problem: Is It Us or Them?

"Nintendo fans have had a lot of bad run-ins with third-parties. A good portion of the time the fault lies on both sides. The mantra that Nintendo consoles only benefit Nintendo and that Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games is a common one. Well, actually first it was Nintendo is too kiddy and family-oriented, and now it is this new one since arguments, like cavemen, needed to eventually evolve.

Fans have seen third-parties cancel games, release games with no marketing and missing features and then turn around and blame Nintendo fans for low sales, and we’ve seen promised exclusives get moved to other platforms. The latter really isn’t that bad, but when it comes just weeks before the intended release, Nintendo fans feel burned.", writes Nintendo-Okie.

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mudmax1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Excellent article. Agree 100% Glad to see i'm not the only one who sees it this way. Nintendo will always get my support. And developers and publishers who do this will never be getting my support cause i'm not buying nothing made by sony or Microsoft. I'm 100% certain my Wii U will never brick, just as my n64, gamecube, and wii have never bricked and all still work perfectly. Someone show me a launch 360 or ps3 that still works. Oh that's right you cant\'t because they don't exist. Only reason they've sold 70+ mill. is cause they have all been replaced at least once. Someone prove me wrong plz. Of course these are just my opinions, not bashing sony or Microsoft, but just my reasons for being a Nintendo supporter. And I rarely even play their first party games too by the way. Same reason I drive a Toyota truck I bought new in 03, now with 218,000 miles and still going strong. Some of the best games but consoles are junk an i'm not rich.

yugovega1994d ago

bubbles for speaking the truth about the consoles failure rate. i have a broke ps3 right now. had a re ringed 360. and bfore i get a bunch of disagrees after working at gs and seeing 360's and ps3's traded in everyday broken it proves the point the the systems sales are inflated. it was everyday with xb360. sometimes 3 r 4 in a day. and they would just buy another one. sad.

playstation 1 has been sonys only unbreakable system.

Kos-Mos1994d ago

I don`t think people can handle this truth. xbox and sony`s gaming division is more of a pride than a great income.

fardan851994d ago

2 of my friends still got the launch ps3 model, no issues at all.
You can argue that Nintendo consoles live little bit longer, and to that I will say "yeah, under-powered consoles with no games to play can last long for sure. It's not like you have a great game released everyday to exhaust the console".
I had Nintendo consoles before, guess what? it's dead.
I bought ps3 back in 2009, still kicking.
If you want to support Nintendo then it's fine, just don't bash other systems and spread your lie.
Why Sony and MS sells 70+ mill of consoles? because they cater for all, not just kids.

mudmax1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Ya, ok buddy. That's fine. Your Gamecube's not dead, you just need to clean the disk lens with a quetip an a lil alcohol. Good as new. 2009 ps3 hmm, was that the slim or super slim? Wow, you waited 3 years before you bought a ps3. You were hooked on wii sports and mario kart huh. I kid.

fardan851993d ago

@mudmax done that with the GC, it didn't work.
My Wii is gathering dust 24/7.
PS3 slim, great games from sony and third party + I'm getting amazing contents from PS+.
I was away of gaming because of work + studying. I couldn't spare 1 hour/day for fun :)

Shadowsteal1994d ago

I think Wii U owners feel like they deserve too much. When a developer says they're announcing a certain game for PS3/360/PS4/X1 and not Wii U. Wii U fans start spitting that the certain developer is lazy and how developers should start doing their job and take advantage of the revolutionary gamepad.

The truth is, developers don't owe Nintendo/Wii U/ or Wii U fans anything. If they don't feel as if developing on Wii U is rewarding enough, who are we to blame them? Why should they develop extra Gamepad features on Wii U Gamepad in addition to the core game? They'll make more than enough money developing on the other consoles.

I'll most likely get disagrees for this from Wii U fans. But I think this is the truth. I'm not trying to disrespect Nintendo, Wii U, or its fans. Just asking the Wii U fans to stop blaming the developers when they didnt do anything wrong.

mudmax1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Yeh, your gonna disagrees for that. Several rushed ports out there for Wii U with missing features and I'm not refering to sniper elite V2, but that IS a great example. EA admitted they completed the Wii U port of Madden13 in 6 months start to finish.