Konami Has A Free To Play PlayStation 3 And Vita Game Too

By Spencer

Seems like every major Japanese publisher has a free to play game for PlayStation Network. Square Enix ported Million Arthur, Tecmo Koei’s Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Core Pack is a freemium fighting game, Sega has Samurai & Dragons, and Capcom has Dragon’s Dogma Quest.

And Konami? They just announced Power Pros Stadium in this week’s Japanese magazine round up. Power Pros is a long running baseball series with super deformed characters and at one time 2K Games localized Power Pros games for North America. Power Pros Stadium is an online baseball card game and it will be distributed as a free download for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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sherimae24132023d ago

yes thats it, keep this up vita... surprise us at e3 with all those unannounce games ^_^

ltachiUchiha2023d ago

Sony has been turning things around in a big way. Its like every week a new game coming to a playstation platform. Sony is doing a great job with kaz at the helm.

Kingthrash3602023d ago

I just left an article about the vita getting dragons this...

glad to be a vita owner!


ltachiUchiha2023d ago

Yeah there is alot of support going to the playstation kinda feels like the ps2 days. Only could be a good sign for the ps4 & vita.

Sarobi2023d ago

Man PS is really getting the FTP love

SOULJER2023d ago

It's a good time to be a gamer enjoy it.

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