Xbox One - E3 2013 Teaser

E3 is just less than a week away and the teaser videos are already starting to roll out, this time Microsoft with their recently announced console, The Xbox One.

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first1NFANTRY2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

ok M$ the world is ready for round two. either go hard or don't go at all. we need all speculation confronted and rumours debunked.

JokesOnYou2017d ago

yeah, well it seems the whole world will indeed be watching, I'm glad theres alot we dont know about both consoles....I like that feeling of anticipation of some nice surprises or it could be utter disappointment. lol, I generally believe fans of both will get plenty to look forward to. I think micro especially will prove alot of critics who expect them not to have a great lineup in the pipeline wrong.

JohnnyBadfinger2017d ago

Lets be honest... No matter how good a show ms have. There is a certain group on here who will never be satisfied. And will talk it down and talk up there console.

Either way, n4g will be as bitchy after as it was before E3. This site and its bias fanboys will not change after E3.

Hicken2017d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"This site and its bias fanboys will not change after E3."

No, you certainly won't.

The problem is you all think that them showing a few games will magically make the rest of this crap disappear. Whether they "clarify" themselves or not, it will only serve to detail the anti-consumer practices we already know to be present. The DRM built into the system isn't likely to go anywhere. Kinect will still be mandatory. Online play still won't be free.

No number of games, no matter how good, will just sweep that all under the rug.

Now, if they show up at E3 and say they've decided NOT to do those things- Kinect and always online, at least; hell, even just the always online- THEN we can focus on the games and only the games.

Until then, games are just a shiny distraction to take your attention away from the serious issues the console has. No, not the console, the COMPANY.

I'd advise you to not be fooled, but seems it might be a bit too late...

Edit: Unfortunately for you both, it doesn't prove his point at all. His "point" implies that if anybody's not happy after Microsoft shows some games, then they're just biased against Microsoft. His "point" brooks no argument, as it sets up any counterpoint as not being credible.

That's an immature way to make an argument. It's no different from saying, "If you don't agree with me, you're wrong."

The odd thing about people claiming that those such as myself are fanboys is that you do so while Microsoft fans say the exact same things we do about the XBOne. All around this site, some of the biggest Microsoft fans I've ever seen have said they won't buy, or are extremely skeptical(see SDF Repellent's comments since the reveal as an example). But even THEY get accused of being Sony fanboys by the folks who are apparently too narrow-minded to see how negative this console currently is.

I don't knock people for their own preferences. I have no problems with people liking a game, genre, console, company, car, TV show, team, book, color that I don't. I DO have a problem with people ignoring legitimate issues with their preferred whatever and going on like there's no issue at all. ESPECIALLY if those issues can affect me, like these things can.

4Sh0w2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I just flat out dont believe you and I am positive no one other than those who already had their minds made up a long time ago believe you because like many here there is no other way to describe your comments other than you hate anything xbox. Thats actually OK, most rational people understand that people have their reasons for hating certain sports teams, players, or just like some car enthusiasts hate certain kinds of cars, its all good but at the same time when your attitude, history, or behavior demonstrates that you are completely one sided your opinion basicly is worthless to those seeking a fair assessment of a team, product, person or company.

If anyone tells you they are not bias they are lying, its natural but fanboys are fanboys because they have very little perspective= balance and worst they will beat you over the head, name call etc if you disagree. They cant fathom that just maybe something they hate, just might be very appealing to someone else for example always online I find very interesting, my console being constantly updated after checking in, seems forward thinking to me, yet I also understand why some dont want it that way due to internet limitations in their area or those who simply cant afford it, privacy etc. This is the objectivity I see missing in your post history.

Listening to you would be like me taking a blank check to Toyota dealership and asking them to help me find the best new car between Honda, Ford and Toyota is there any doubt what he will say to get me to write that check before I leave there?

dasbeer882017d ago

Round two? I'm considering this the final round for MS. If they don't leave a decent good impression in this E3, then I'll be saying goodbye to Microsoft for good.

Not even Usher can save you now MS.

rerjr0072017d ago

Why is everyone hating on the xboxone....drm??? ps4 has the same thing....the only thing i see ps4 doing is copying off the xbox360 they even stole the dashboard .... i looked at their core concepts for their "new console" and most of it already exists on the 360. When you compare the specs on the xb one and the ps4 they are almost identical ... so the games will be the "same"....what xbox one does is offer you an overall experience in addition to "GAMES"....xb one and ps4 will be priced about the same .... so what do you want???? i would prefer a system that has great games and can do some more for the same price...imho just makes sense.

abzdine2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

i agree, and i think this console will be doomed no matter the games they show because no one would buy a console that is on all the time and blocking used games

rerjr007: "i would prefer a system that has great games and can do some more for the same price...imho just makes sense."

PS4 is just that my friend :) powerful cloud gaming and does gaming right with an advanced controller and gorgeous games

RedHawkX2017d ago

I already said goodbye to MS they couldnt even keep me for the current gen lol. there are no exclusives coming out on the x360 I mean ps3 has freaking games coming out left and right getting 10/10 review scores.
The last of us
The last guardian
beyond 2 souls
Gt6 etc
I could go on but my ps3 is still getting games and it has blueray best money i spent on a console ever.

the xbox one this teaser just showed the same old games and one new game thats live action lol. halo, gears, forza, etc

the ps4 showed new games even before e3
drive club
infamous second son
doki doki universe
killzone shadow fall
hohokum etc

not to mention ps4 is the strongest console and will have the superior mutliplats.

Garbanjo0012017d ago

It was either the dumbest move MS has made in terms of reveals, or the smartest. Look at the publicity they are getting, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but with all the articles and comments who can deny how bad they screwed up with that convention? OMG.

PlayStation is loving this, and I can't wait for one thing and it has nothing to do with consoles (well two things... I want to see the PS4)...


sinjonezp2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

This video did not show anything we have not already have seen. If they wanted to build hype, include some screenshots of something other than what we all know about. If we detected some shots from, "what is that game??" I think sites like n4g would ignite positive thoughts. I think they pulled off a glass joe with there first round. Unless they debunk the connectivity, used games, mandatory installs, and requiring kinect just to turn on the device, It really does not matter what games they show.

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aviator1892017d ago

Can't wait to see the games they've got to show us.

kingmushroom2017d ago ShowReplies(1)
AngelicIceDiamond2017d ago

Well, its officially round 2. MS struck out with round 1 hopefully the second time around they can actually impress.

1nsomniac2017d ago

hmmm... Gears was shown in that video, I would be interested in seeing what a new Gears would look like on the XBOne.

Ashunderfire862017d ago

So Was Dark Souls 2!!!! Hope it is on Xbox One and PS4!!!

RTheRebel2017d ago

That Banjo Kazooie game better not be a Kinect Game or else I lose more hope =(

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