GamePro: The 21 Best PSP Games

Last year GamePro wrote about the 10 best PSP games in honor of the system turning two, and it ended up being one of 2007's most popular stories (apparently there are quite a few of you PSP gamers out there). But perhaps the third year's a charm because since last March there's been an influx of awesome PSP games. So now, with three years of titles in the bank, GamePro settled on 21 must-play games that are all worthy to be claimed one of the PSP's best.

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permutated3920d ago

I thought Patapon was terrible, but that's just me.

KidMakeshift3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Great imports

Taiko Drum Master 2
DJ Max 2
Princess Crown
Tales of Eternia
Spectral vs Generation
Tales of Rebirth
Yggdra Union

PS360WII3920d ago

agree with a few of those. Racing games are not all that for me and the Syphon Filter games on PSP are horrible and no you can't change my opinion on that. Daxter was meh and I'm rather upset that Mercury isn't on the list :(

CumQuats3920d ago

Lol, I totally agree. The controls are my main complaint (aiming w/ face buttons? No thanks.) I also hated Lumines.
GTA:Vice City Stories was the worst GTA game ever.
PSP games I have in my library: Hot Shots Golf:Open Tee, MPO, & Field Commander.
PSP games I got rid of: Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror & GTA:vcs.