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Josh from Bag of Games writes "Despite some obvious attempts to rejuvenate Resident Evil’s age-old formula last year, Capcom’s beloved survivor horror series seemed to leave devoted fans disgruntled and frustrated thanks to the release of Slant Six’s disastrous, Operation Raccoon City spin-off and the unfocused, more action-orientated entry, Resident Evil 6. With that said, it’s no surprise that the acclaimed publisher decided to re-release the magnificent, Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Resident Evil: Revelations on home entertainment systems in hopes of both reestablishing confidence in the franchise, and allowing those that missed the subtitled installment the first time around an opportunity to experience the horrifying adventure for themselves. However, with the current generation’s console cycle meeting its end, does Resident Evil: Revelations’ HD transformation shed enough of its portable roots to deliver a fulfilling, yet equally terrifying title?"

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ryandebraal2017d ago

Great review!
I wish REsident Evil would return to it's roots, this is a start but porting a mobile game to console?

gantarat2017d ago

because 3ds.ver sold very bad (500,000+)

AusRogo2017d ago

Still enjoy this more than RE6. Though it would have made more sense to port to Vita..

Jhandville19922017d ago

First, I completely agree with you about Revelations being better than Resident Evil 6. Besides Leon's more survival horror-like campaign, Resident Evil 6 was far too action-orientated and unfocused for me. I would like to see Capcom truly incorporate more scares and more survival horror elements into future iterations of the series and just make a Resident Evil that is filled with both terrifying, nostalgia-filled moments (think Resident Evil's window-crashing zombie dog) and pure, unfaltering innovation. Personally, I'm really growing tired of the ever-increasing focus Capcom has placed on hollywoodized set-pieces and action-packed gameplay.

Secondly, I'm actually pretty surprised Capcom didn't port Revelations to the Vita, like you said. I think this particular entry in the Resident Evil series would have made a perfect fit for the device, especially since Revelations has obvious handheld roots.